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People join us for the leads, but they stay because of the leadership.  If you are willing to follow the mentoring of people that have done what you want to do, then the sky is the limit to achieving your potential.

We Have The Best Self Development Program


We have put together a training and support system designed to ensure your success as long as you are willing to take advantage of it.  Once you successfully pass our license training program for your life insurance license, we will put you through our sales and product training program.  We have a number of ways to do this such as on line webinars, live boot camp training, conference calls, training website access to videos, mp3's, sales scripts etc.  We have ongoing training conference calls and in office agency meetings to cover sales skills.


What We Are Looking For



Being a good listener is vital to success with us.  Our success is based first on your success.  Since that is the case, we would never suggest anything that would slow you down or hurt you.



Work ethic is important but working smart is even more important.  We will teach you how to maxmize your time away from your family to earn a great living for them.  We call this "lifestyle" - having both money and time.



The power of association is your ticket to maximize your income earning potential the fastest way possible.  When you associate with successful people, you will become successful by this power of association.  We do this through our weekly conference calls, regional training meetings and national conferences.  It is the pre-requisite to "sharpening the sword".



You are either growing or you're regressing.  Growth only comes if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and change.  Starts with changing your selling system to ours.  Starts with purchasing your own program of life insurance through one of our partner carriers.  This will single-handedly give you the crediblity that will be the backbone of your sales ability in the home.