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Alex Abuyuan
Alex Abuyuan ABN Financial
Alex Abuyuan

The ABN Financial Group has seen phenomenal growth since 2002 catering to large volume life insurance and annuity companies who want to target the middle market American marketplace. We have taken over a decade in developing distribution channels within every state in the union. Partnered with our independent marketing organization (IMO), Superior Performers, our growth rate has been in line with the aging of the baby boomer generation to help them move assets to their heirs through life insurance and annuities.

Our Purpose
Alex Abuyuan



We take care of our client's financial security needs, ensuring that the family is made whole financially in the event of tragedy and to keep their retirement savings safe.

ABN Financial will help me get my dreams



Our sales pros thrive with us because they are finally in control of their time and income. They no longer need to prospect since they rely on our own lead program. They no longer have to come into an office to take up space since they work directly with clients in their homes. The proof of our success can be found in how much their spouses and children love the family orientation of our company.




The ability to earn from 5% to 55% residuals off your teams' sales volume takes the lid off your income and puts you in the ultimate position of creating long term wealth for you and your heirs.

Our Services


Right place - Right time. Ever envy those that had this advantage? It's our advantage!

This is just a short list of products and services designed to solve our clients' financial security needs.


  • Mortgage protection insurance

  • Final Expense burial insurance

  • Term life insurance

  • Universal and whole life insurance

  • Equity indexed UL for tax free retirement

  • Impaired risk insurance for the very sick

  • "No exam" life insurance

  • Fixed indexed annuities

  • Equity indexed annuities

  • Mortgage payment disability insurance

  • Disability insurance

  • Critical illness insurance

  • Long term care insurance

  • Medicare supplement insurance

  • Health Matching Prepaid Visa Card

  • Debt Elimination

  • Business Consulting Services


I never thought I could ever get rid of the 8 to 5 grind of a job, but after joining the ABN Financial Group, I am finally free to work my business around my family's needs while making more money than I have ever made in my career!

Mr. P. Connors