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The Independent Sales Agent

Grow Your Business

We are currently hiring sharp, ambitious people in every state that desire to have control over their income, their schedule and their lifestyle.  Imagine being able to live your life the way you want to live, prioritizing God, family and business they way you always wanted, no - DREAMED about how your life should be.  Now is your chance to make the change you always wanted to make - without risk!

What Are You Looking For?


We take the obstacles away from making a serious income in the financial services industry.


The financial services industry is the best paying industry for sales people that there is, particularly for full commission sales people.  But the problem for most sales people is breaking into it.  In the typical program there is a price to be paid to establish yourself: months without income just trying to establish your prospecting system; usually starting with your family and friends.  


Then there's the problem of developing your sales skills:  relationship selling style (our style) versus transactional selling where most sales people come from.  Then the problem of mentorship and support - whom do you turn to for this?  Your competitors?  Tough to get started but once you're in, it is the most financially rewarding career. We mitigate every one of these risks to make it simple for someone to break into the industry without the pain but all the gain.

Our Lead Program


How many times have you hit up your family and friends for Girl Scout cookies? Boy Scout popcorn? School fund raisers? Or that last multi-level wonder juice program that was going to make you a millionaire?  Is your stomach churning yet?  


We don't need you to do that.  We have plenty of clients.  We have access to the finest lead generation systems in the world of financial services. We leave nothing to chance to put our producers in a position to win. We put them in front of as many buying clients as they need to meet their income goals. With a variety of lead types and marketing systems, both active and passive, the producer decides how busy they want to be and how much money they want to make.

Yeah, you've heard it all before: the greatest lead program known to mankind.  Well our two plus decades of experience in this business proves otherwise.  All our agents start on our lead program.  BUT we teach them to wean themselves off of it to become fully independent through our proprietary referral system based on a service.  Our agents get 10 to 20 solid local names and numbers from our clients who are all too happy to supply us their information.  No one in the industry has a system like this embedded in our sales process.

But our lead system is NOT successful for all the agents that start with us.  Why?  It's simple: 1) they don't implement our sales system and scripts, 2) they don't ask for help or listen to coaching, 3) they don't put in the work required to make our system work for them, 4) they cannot overcome their fear of the phone, usually because of low self-image and 5) they were never cut out to be in 100% commission sales.  Why does anyone fail in anything?  So while this is a great lead program, sometimes it is not the right fit for the wrong people.  Check out what part-time and full-time agents can make: click here

Our Agency Building System


Do you really see yourself selling insurance when you're 80 years old?  No?  So what's your exit strategy for getting out of the field?  Well, you're in luck because we have an exit strategy built into our program.  How?  We have created a systematic process for you to build an agency of producing agents that will create an override income both on first year income and renewals that will allow you in just a few short years to work your way out of field and never have to sell direct to clients again unless you want to.  The ultimate freedom of creating an ongoing residual income that will be the foundation of your retirement that you can sell off for millions or you can keep to pass on to your heirs.  We have mentored our managers, some to the seven figure override income level, so we have a pretty good track record and a duplicate-able process to follow, and most importantly an established infrastructure that you never have to reinvent that will keep your agency going anywhere in the country!  Check out this short video on this idea:  click here

Be Part of Something Special

If you have a strong work ethic, a strong drive to succeed, the ability to fail your way to success, the humbleness to seek coaching and implement the advice provided and finally take responsibility for your results, then you will love our system and the results that you will achieve with us!

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