Get with your upline manager on how to assemble your sales bag that you bring into the house.  You want to make sure you have the underwriting guides and products guides all in one place to reference.  Use tabs that you can stick on the documents so you can quickly access them at a glance.  Also have the electronic versions of all these guides on either dropbox or google drive arranged in an easy way so they are only one or two clicks away.  Then download the dropbox or google drive app on your phone so you can easily access everything electronically.  Also have all your paper apps ordered from each carrier to send to you so you can file them in a portable plastic file box in your trunk just in case you need any app.  

  • ATM Binder - click here

  • Activity Book - click here

  • Laptop/Tablet

  • Your personal life insurance policy with one of OUR carriers

  • Paper Applications Folder (two apps for each product)

    • Whole Life Products​

      • CFG Dignified Choice​

      • Foresters PlanRight

      • Transamerica Solutions

      • Great Western Guaranteed Issue

      • AIG Guaranteed Issue

    • Term Products​

      • CFG SafeShield​

      • Foresters Strong Foundation (this paper app is also used for YourTerm, SmartUL and AdvangePlus)

  • Delivery Notice Pad​​ - click here

  • Supplemental Section to your ATM in a three ring binder format using more slip sheets to put these in. (All of this is included in the ATM binder upgrade)

    •   ​Quote worksheets x 10 - click here​

    • Greensheet Form x 10 (for the Your Financial Picture page in the ATM) - click here​

    • Annuity Real Benefits Chart x 10 - click here

    • ERS Referral Form x 10 - click here

    • I am your life insurance policy to have the client read when your done with your appointment x 1 - click here

    • Prescription Discount Cards - click here

    • Your business cards - click here

    • Info pages - click here

      • Children's Whole Life rates at a glance​

      • 10 Leading Causes of Death

      • Creamation/Funeral Costs

      • Government Benefits for Burial

  • Good pens for writing paper apps - like the Sharpie fine tipped markers that don't bleed​ - ex. click here

  • Highlighters for highlighting where the clients signs on each paper app page (so YOU don't miss a signature) - ex. click here

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