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Writing a Columbian Financial Group App

Step 1 - Will the client fit into the product health wise?

  • FIll out the health intake form on the client:  Word / PDF

  • Download the product guide to check the client's medications, height, weight, health issues to see if they will be accepted into the product:

      • CFG Choice Whole Life for final expense insurance: click here

      • CFG SafeShield Term for mortgage protection insurance: click here

  • If they don't qualify for CFG, then you will need to go with guaranteed issue with Great Wester - click here

Step 2 - Run the quotes on the CFG smartphone app

    • Download the quoting tools from

    • Some of the quoting tools are website based tools while others are app based where you must download from the app store (free)​

    • Please note any password needed to open up the app

    • Here is a video example of downloading the CFG quoting tools: ​

Step 3 - Doing the E-App

  • You will need your NAA Pin number you received during the contracting process.  Here is how to retrieve it if you do not remember:​

  • CFG E-App and Voice Signature Process (the voice signature process is only required when doing a telesale.  If you are with the client, the client simply types their name into their signature block to sign.

    • Note:  If the e-app goes haywire or internet is wacky, you can do a paper app remotely as long as you do the voice signature process.  Then you would turn the paper app into us for submission to the carrier.  

Here are the voice signature scripts depending on if there is a separate owner or payor or not:

  • If insured is both owner and payor and no child rider in NC/PA - click here

  • If there is a seperate owner or payor and if there is a child rider in NC/PA - click here

Other Stuff

  • Downloading CFG Paper Apps

  • For more CFG product training go to the ARC: Login and then go to "Carrier" Menu and then go to the Columbian Financial Group webpage and there is a bunch of great training there.

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