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How To Write an App
Follow these simple 5 steps

Know what type of lead you're working with

  • Final Expense Lead - then you will probably be looking at writing a whole life product or a guaranteed issue whole life product depending on their health

  • Mortgage Protection Lead - the simplified issue term will work with this type of client, but if their health is bad and won't fit into the underwriting for the term product or they are old, then you're looking at a whole life product to cover a period of time of mortgage payments to buy the benficiary time.

    • Here is a video that explains this concept: 

Understand their health issues

  • Fill out the health intake form with them - Health Intake form - Word / PDF

    • Most important information is their medications and the reason for the medications and surgeries​

    • Also date of diagnosis and the date of last treatment (such as cancer).  Treatment is not considered "maintenance" drugs.

  • How to ask the health questions: Word

Option 1: Super Simple Option

Use the product guides to determine if the client will fit into the product

  • A quick comment on products and keeping it simple:

  • Since we are only going to get you started with CFG and Great Western the simple way to determine if a client fits into the  product is to use the product guides to look up their age and amount of insurance they need, height and weight, medication list, and specific health issues.

  • Product Selections to Start

    • Most of you will start with CFG (final expense whole life and mortgage term) and Great Western (guaranteed issue whole life)​

    • If you are in ME, MS, ND, NY, OR. For these states use Foresters Strong Foundation intead of CFG SafeShield Term.

    • If you are in AK, CT, DC, DE, HI, ME, VT, WA. For these states use AIG instead of Great Western (NY does not have a guaranteed issue whole life product right now).


Option 2: Once You Get Comfortable With The Underwriting Process

Use the underwriting tools to determine what product to quote them

Resources for Underwriting.png
  • Age and Amount of Insurance - check to see if they fit the age range of the product type based on the lead.  In order to do this you must click on the Product Pocket Guide link and then look up the product type to search the carrier of choice for the age range.

    • Final Expense - click on the "Simplified Issue/High Risk/Final Expense Whole Life" category and you will see all the carriers for this product type.  Click on the CFG Classic Choice to see if your client fits within the age range.

      • Look at the min and max age range.  If they bust the max age range of 85 which are most of our carriers, then we can go to GTL which has a graded benefit whole life product that goes to age 90.

      • If they bust the minimum age, the best product to go with is Foresters Smart UL for a permanent solution for the younger folks.

    • Mortgage Protection - click on the "Simplified Issue Term" section and look up the age ranges for the products.  CFG SafeShield will cover from age 18 to 65.  Foresters Strong Foundation will go from age 18 to 80.

    • Face Value - the product pocket guide will also help you with face value requirements for the client as well.

      • Final Expense - CFG can go up to $35,000.  It's rare that you have a client that will want more than that.  In the case of a client wanting a large amount of permanent insurance, then we might be talking a universal life product such as Foresters Smart UL.​

      • Mortgage Protection - CFG will go up to $250,000, Foresters will go up to $400,000 (age dependent).  If your client has a jumbo mortgage that busts the max for these products, you might have to go with a fully underwritten paramed exam product like Foresters YourTerm - only if their health can qualify them to take the risk of a blood and urine test.  Talk to your upline manager to determine if this is safe to do.

  • Height/Weight chart - check to see if they fit the height and weight guidelines for the product type based on the lead they sent in

    • Final Expense - check the final expense/whole life height and weight section​

      • If they bust the ht/wt guidelines, then write either CVS/Health Whole life (no ht/wt guidelines) or a guaranteed issue whole life product - Great Western, AIG or Sons of Norway​

    • Mortgage Protection - check the mortgage protection/simplified issue term height and weight section

      • If they bust the ht/wt guidelines, check out a whole life product which has more liberal ht/wt guideline​

      • If they bust the guidelines for a whole life product then go with a guaranteed issue whole life

  • Medication List - this list are all the "knock out" meds​​ so check if your client's meds are on these lists based on product type.

    • Final Expense - check the final expense/whole life medications section​

      • If they bust the medication list, then write a guaranteed issue whole life product - Great Western, AIG or Sons of Norway

    • Mortgage Protection - check the mortgage protection/simplified issue term medications section

      • If they bust the medications list, check out a whole life product which has more liberal guidelines​

      • If they bust the guidelines for a whole life product then go with a guaranteed issue whole life

  • Underwriting Grids - this is a great little tool to determine how each carrier will handle any particular health condition​​

    • Final Expense - use this underwriting grid for the final expense lead​

    • Mortgage Protection - use this underwriting grid for mortgage protection term clients

      • If they are a decline with a mortgage protection product check with a final expense/whole life product grid since the  underwriting is more liberal.​

      • If they bust the final expense/whole life grid, then you know you can cover them with a guaranteed issue whole life product to do mortgage payment protection strategy.

  • Here is a video talking about these powerful underwriting tools:  

Calculate rates for the client

  • Download the quoting tools from

    • Some of the quoting tools are website based tools while others are app based where you must download from the app store (free)​

    • Please note any password needed to open up the app

    • Here is a video example of downloading the CFG quoting tools: ​

  • Great Western (guaranteed issue whole life) quoting tool:

  • Running CFG quotes for final expense and mortgage protection:

  • Running mortgage protection quote strategies:

Complete the E-App on a client

  • This is where the rubber hits the road.  Much of our decision as far as product is driven by how complex getting an e-signature on an e-app.  If you are meeting clients face to face, that doesn't become a problem.  However, if you are doing telesales, this is the most important consideration even before the health questions.​

  • If your client is a senior and does NOT have an email address or you're worried that they have very little computer skills with email and turning off pop-up blockers on their default browser that doing the email signature process would be next to impossible, we recommend these carriers:

    • Final Expense/Whole Life - CFG (voice signature) or CVS Health (security question signature)​

    • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life - Great Western or Sons of Norway (voice signature)

    • Mortgage Protection - CFG (voice signature)

  • Final Expense/Whole Life - CFG Choice Whole Life E-App

    • You will need your NAA Pin number you received during the contracting process.  Here is how to retrieve it if you do not remember:​

    • CFG E-App and Voice Signature Process:  

  • If insured is both owner and payor and no child rider in NC/PA - click here

  • If there is a seperate owner or payor and if there is a child rider in NC/PA - click here

  • Mortgage Protection/Simplified Issue Term - CFG SafeShield E-App

    • The procedure and the voice signature process is the same as the whole life product.  You just choose the term product instead of the whole life product.​

  • Guaranteed Issue Whole life - Great Western​

    • How to complete the E-App: 

  • MyEnroller training:  

Getting Emergency Response System (ERS) Referrals

  • So while you are filling out the e-app with the client, after you fill in the beneficiary information, then tell them:

  • "Okay, (client name), next we need fill out names for your emergency contact list so that when you die, one of the people on your list will notify us so that we can get the death claim started.  (Carrier name) wants to make sure your beneficiary gets the benefit because there are over $7 Billion of unclaimed life insurance benefits right now.  So I need 10 to 20 names and contacts that would know about your death so we can give them my contact info and the carrier's contact info and I can explain to them how this works.  So tell me who would be the first person on your contact list . . ."

  • Here is the ERS form to fill out:

Alternative Products

  • CFG SafeShield term alternatives

    • CFG SafeShield Term is not available in ME, MS, ND, NY, OR. For these states use Foresters Strong Foundation - click here) even though they are an email signature, clients that can get this product typically can use email.

  • Great Western guaranteed issue whole life alternatives​

    • Not available in AK, CT, DC, DE, HI, ME, NY, VT, WA. For these states use AIG - click here for AIG training)​

  • If you have E&O insurance Sons of Norway has a great guaranteed issue product that covers ages 0 - 85.  The other guaranteed issue carriers cover ages 40-80 GWIC and 50-80 AIG​.  Sons of Norway are also the easiest to do a signature - the agent types in the name for the client on the e-app. WOW!

    • Sons of Norway is not in the following states:  AL, AR, DE, GA, KY, ME, MS, NH, NM, NY, TN, WV, WY​

  • If you have a client over the age of 85, we can cover them with the GTL graded benefit whole life product that will to age 90! (Not available in CA or NY)

  • Americo Eagle Premiere Whole Life has a smoker rate feature where the smoking client can pay non-smoking rates for the first three years, and then towards the end of the three year period they will receive a swab kit to determine if they quit smoking.  If it comes back negative they can continue to pay the same rate.  If it comes back positive they can drop the face value to what it should have been as a smoker when they first took out the policy for that premium rate, or they can increase the premium to maintain the same death benefit to the rate it would have been when they took out the policy.

  • For the morbidly obese, CVS Health's whole life product has no height/weight charts at all so you can still get your client a full benefit plan day one (if they meet the other health criteria) without going to a guaranteed issue whole life product.

Product Guides

  • The best way to learn the products is the read the products guides.  You can find them all in the ARC website under "Carriers".​

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