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Free Training

This page is designed to plant some good seeds in you to help you sell, make money and tithe and offer the first fruits of your harvest to build the Lord's kingdom.  Pay it foward to help others out too.

This does NOT replace anything on NAA University.  You should have gone through all the NAA University training before you watch any of these supplementary materials.


Rock on!

Alex Abuyuan

Sales Basics

Overview of The Life Insurance Sale From Start To Finish
Appointment Booking Basics

MP3 Downloads (these won't stream - download to your computer first)

Quickstart Bootcamp Training
How the Promotion Guidelines Work


Downloading the insurance applications
Making sure you get your commissions right on E-Apps (how to get paid your full commission versus renewal commissions only with ALUSA - don't mess this up or you will be mad at yourself.

Quoting Tools

Downloading the insurance quoting tools

Lead Program Basics

The Math of Lead Investment
Ramp up your leads to a six figure income level
Lead rotation technique if you can't get enough leads in your area.

Managing Your Business

Managing Your Pending
Pending Tracking Spreadsheet

Download the tracking spreadsheet - click here

Download the example - click here


Managing Your Schedule

How To Schedule Your Life and Your Business
Download the schedule template - click here
Using the work planner tool

Download the work planner tool - click here


Placement and Persistency

Part 1 - The Importance of Placement and Persistency
Part 2 - How to Fix Your Placement and Persistency

Booking More Appointments

Overcoming Call Fatigue
Success with door knocking

Closing More Appointments

ATM Coaching
Don't Be A Wimp - Sales Coaching Session
Sandler Sales Books

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Mortgage Payment Protection Proposals
Sandler Rules

Click Here to order it

Definitive Guide to Bond and Rapport
Finding Pain in the Home - Part 1 - Why pain?
Finding Pain in the Home - Part 2 - How to Find Pain
Handling the "Think About It" and Reducing Charge-Backs
Top producer tips
Power Phrases

Products and Underwriting

Learning Underwriting
Mutual of Omaha Children's Whole Life selling

Download the rate chart (updated) - click here

Mutual of Omaha Children's Whole Life selling - another spin
How Universal Life Works
Universal Life Basics
How to Write an Annuity That Funds a UL Policy - WOW!
How to Run A Lifetime Benefit Income Rider Illustration

Building Your Agency

Freedom Through The System
Width is the Key to Profitability and Depth Building
Farm Team Concept in Building
Alex Abuyuan does a quick teaching on edification to help you help your upline build your business. 

Getting Your Mind Right - A System of Success

Mapping Out The Alliance Success System - It's All About the Triangles (Pyramids)
The Why That Makes You Cry