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TLP Lead Program

What to expect with TLP leads

Okay, so the leads are developed through our Pakistani vendors who have thick accents and are a little pushy.  When you listen to the recordings (if they are included in the lead spreadsheet), you will hear three different type of clients: 1) they said yes call me back, but they didn't know what they were saying yes to, 2) they said yes call me back, but they were on the fence, and 3) they said yes call me back, and they were legitimately interested in getting the final expense insurance.

So there are some interesting factors at play here.  If they were able to get through the accent and the pushiness of the telemarketer to be legitimately interested, then that is a sale - 1 to 2 out of 10.  If they were on the fence but decided to have you call them, then that may or may not be a sale - kind of depends on their mood at the time you call them.  Finally, when they just said yes, yes, yes but they really didn't understand (these are old people okay), well you can understand why these folks will hang up on you.


  1. These are $8.50-$12 leads.  You need to dial through and get connects, find the good ones and move on from the others quick.

  2. When you make a sale, you need to get the ERS referrals from the client to multiply the profitability by tenfold.  You cannot do otherwise with these TLP leads (or any lead for that matter).

  3. If you want higher intent leads, then you need to go with the direct mail leads ($35-$60 ea.), or the Lead Feed with the Final Expense Pro leads ($35 ea.)

Our TLP lead program has been very successful as long as you follow the script and the process.

Learn the approach on selling our TLP leads (44 min)

  • Learning Objective:  The TLP leads (or telemarketing leads) are the least expensive of all our "A" leads and can be the highest ROI lead we have.  This should be the first lead you should invest in as we are getting great results.  One of our top new agents teaches on this video how he books these appointments and sells them.

  • Watch the Selling on TLP Leads video: click here

    • Now watch this video he did a month later on how he learned to ask the health questions on the first call: click here

    • Finally watch an additional tweak he made to refine his sales approach: click here

  • Download ​the transcript of this great webinar - click here

  • Here is the Script - click here

Here is how the lead is developed:  click here

These leads are $8.50 to $12.00 each.

To order click here

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