The purpose of this section is to explain the telesales process from the beginning to the end so you can get a feel for what all this training is designed to help you do.


  • Facebook leads will come directly into your email box in real time (client submitted it a few seconds earlier)

  • About the Facebook leads - click here

  • Download and print direct mail leads - click here










  • Foresters Quoting Tool:  click here

  • ​Mutual of Omaha Quoting Tool:  click here

  • Great Western Quoting Tool: click here

  • AIG Quoting Tool:  click here

  • Transamerica (use ony if the client has the social security debit card)


  • Foresters Term E-app:  click here

    • note:  there is no e-app for Foresters PlanRight Whole Life

  • Mutual of Omaha is similar to Foresters​

  • Great Western E-App - click here

  • AIG E-App - click here

  • Transamerica (use ony if the client has the social security debit card)

    • Logging into the transamerica website - click here​

    • You can access the e-app after you get in


  • After you submit your e-app, wait a day and then call the carrier to make sure that your application is in underwriting.  If they don't have it yet, then check back in the e-app under the view my cases button and see if you really did submit it.  Then check the next day.  E-apps are usually there immediately.  If the carrier does not have the e-app, then that client may not have e-signed it (if they had to do the email signature process) or you did not actually hit the submit button when you were sitting with the client.

  • Once you know that the app was received then you must manage your pending business with each carrier.  Here is a good video on this concept of managing your pending business - click here

  • Here are the phone numbers for each carrier - click here


Product Guide Download:​

Products we can sell over the phone/internet​ - click here

  • Foresters Term Product Guide - click here

  • Mutual of Omaha Term Product Guide - click here

  • Mutual of Omaha Whole Life Product Guide - click here

  • Mutual of Omaha Childrens Whole Life - click here

  • Mutual of Omaha Guaranteed Advantage ADB - click here

  • Great Western Guaranteed Issue Whole Life - click here

  • AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life - click here

  • Transamerica Whole Life Product Guide - click here​​


When you write an application the annual premium is what you get promoted on (how promotions work click here).  What you get commissioned on is based on the "Commissionable Premium" which is based on the ARC 100 percentage by product.

Here is a video that explains it in detail - click here

Here is an example:

  • You write an annual premium policy for $1,000 ($83.33/Mo) for a Foresters Strong Foundation Term product.

  • The ARC 100 percentage for this product is 83.33% so you multiply the $1000 AP by 83.33% which is $833.33 commissionable premium

  • Then you take your commission rate which for this example is NAA055 or 55% and multiply your commissionable premium of $833.33 which equals $458.32.

  • You are advanced 75% of this commission so 75% of $458.32 equals $343.74 which is what will be deposited in your account on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday the next week or two.  (If you don't see it in your ARC commission page, please email with the policy number and carrier.)

  • The remaining $114.58 of your commission is paid "as earned" in months 10, 11 and 12 when the client pays their premium in these months.

You can download the ARC commission schedules by company by product in this dropbox folder (which is in the agent resources folder): click here

By submitting, you give us permission to contact you by email, phone call or text.

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