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Quoting Tools & E-Apps

Quoting Tools

All the quoting tools can be found on Alliance University at the following link (bookmark it):  https://naauniversity.com/quoting-links/

Simply browse for the product you need and click on the link that says mobile quoting.  It will show up in your browser on your phone and it is super simple to run rates.

Learn These Quoting Tools First

CFG Dignified Choice whole life and CFG SafeShield simplified issue term

Great Western GIWL


Learn These Quoting Tools Next

Foresters PlanRight Whole LIfe/Strong Foundation Term

  • video - click here

  • Foresters YourTerm quoting tool works the same

Mutual of Omaha


E-app Tools

CFG Products

1)  Have your NAA Pin Number ready to use.  How to retrieve your Pin (video - click here):

  1. Go to http://www.naaleads.com

  2. Go to Carriers > Columbian Financial Group

  3. Click on "Visit Agent Site" link on the right side of the page

  4. The NAA Pin number box pops up

  5. Then click on the "Need or forgot your NAA pin?" link

  6. This directs you to the NAAContracting page where you click on the login button

  7. Then the page comes up to enter your NAA number, click on text your  pin and enter your phone number and the CAPTCHA code and click on "Next"

  8. If everything was entered correctly the page will say that they texted you your PIN

  9. Wait about a minute or two and it should show up on your phone.

  10. Write this pin somewhere, it will NEVER change

2)  Be able to log into the CFG E-app for both the final expense and the term products:

  • Here is a short video on how:  click here

  • Note the states that CFG is not available:  AK, ME, MS, MT, NY - you would use the Mutual of Omaha products instead

  • Note:  If it is your first application through CFG you can use 511932 as your agent number temporarily.

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3)  Voice Signature Process - there is a new procedure (since those videos above were cut) to allow these products to be sold over the phone (you must pracatice reading the script several times so you are clear and concise when you really have to do it).  The instructions can be downloaded here:

  • California - click here

  • Florida - click here

  • South Dakota and Delaware - click here

  • All other states - click here

  • How it works:

    • The electronic application is completed as normal, except in all areas where the insured/owner is supposed to type their signature...instead you type “Telesale” in the signature lines.  Your signature as the agent is still typed in normal.

    • Upon submission of the application you must compete the telesales voice signature recording, by calling 607-678-2424.You enter your 10 digit cell phone number, when prompted.  There is no other prompts when you type in your number to confirm they received it, but the recording has begun until you hit * when you finished the call.

    • There is a CFG document with the script you must read word for word to the client on the recording and obtain their answers.  Make sure you have read all application questions to the insured, and the conditional receipt, accelerated benefit rider disclosure, and replacement notice.

    • If you don’t want to read all those aloud to your client, BEFORE you begin the voice signature call, make sure you ask your client if they want those forms read aloud to them, and if they say no...let them know they will be asked during the signature process if those were read aloud. If they answer no the application will NOT be accepted, if they answer yes, the application will be accepted. (So don’t directly advise them on how to answer, just imply they need to say yes when asked, and make sure NOT to have this conversation while the line is being recorded)​

​Great Western Insurance Co.


AIG Guaranteed Issue: 

Foresters Strong Foundation Term & YourTerm

  • ​E-App video: https://youtu.be/RmVdzlf3mWE

  • Download and order paper apps video: https://youtu.be/gwTacn8L02M

  • Your Foresters number is automatically your NAA number but substituting the NAA with the number"8".  So for example if your NAA number is NAA123456, your Foresters number is 8123456.


Foresters PlanRight Whole Life

  • E-App video - click here

  • ​E-App guide - click here

  • E-App Training Video - click here

  • Notes:

    • The e-app is not available in the following states:  DE, MA, ME, MN, ND, NY, PA & SD

    • Monthly bank draft only

    • Max attained age 75 (due to COVID-19)

    • An email is required by client and access during the e-app process

    • Point of sale interview required

    • Any yes to COVID-19 questions, only the Basic plan available (graded benefit)

    • No replacements of any policy allowed with this e-app

    • Insured and Payer and Owner must be the same person

Mutual of Omaha

  • Mutual of Omaha e-apps are also on the iPipeline platform, therefore their e-app is very similar to Foresters and Transamerica.  They also require an email signature from both the client and the agent.

  • If you do not have an agent number yet, then just fill in seven "Zero's" for the agent number:  0000000.

  • Also in the middle of the e-app, it will require the client to e-sign the HIPPA via email before you can move on and complete the rest of the application.


  • Reference the video in the quoting tools section for Transamerica - that video includes the e-app process.

  • Also in the middle of the e-app, it will require the client to e-sign the HIPPA via email before you can move on and complete the rest of the application - this is not shown in the video.

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