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Creating Bond and Rapport on the Phone

The first step to any sale is creating bond and rapport on the phone.  This is the make or break part that will be determined in 7 seconds.  This is the time you have to keep the client on the phone to hear your message.

Adam Johnson's Telesale Process

Here is a word document transcript of this video to help you develop your own script - click here

A Live Telesale With Brian Rojas

This is a great opportunity to listen in on one of our agents do a real live appointment on the phone.

You can download his script here:  click here

Breaking Down The Sale

This video goes into depth on what Brian is doing.

Telesale on Direct Mail Leads

Check out Will Parries explain his process of selling direct mail leads over the phone.  This is a very good video on building trust with the client.

  • Direct Mail Leads (different format)

Live Dialing with Junior Corria

Listen to one of our top agents do a dial session calling new leads, old leads, current clients and referrals.  This is a great call to listen to the feel and the anti-telemarketing vibe that Junior displays.  He has a knack for keeping clients on the phone.  It is four hours long so you can always come back to this and also feel free to jump around to listen to his different dials.  But notice that his attitude and mindset is maintained regardless of the type of lead he is dialing - very laid back and familiar.

Getting Real With Katrina Gustin

This is one of our top agents talking about how she has adapted her in-home sales process to doing purely telesales.  She gets real about what she does and is very frank and honest about what it takes to do this.

Telesales with Steve Maxim

This is how one of our top producers sells on the telemarketing leads, but great principles on selling any lead.

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