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Here is a good overview of the tax strategy planning process

The Tax Strategy Process
Intro to Tax Strategy Planning
Webinar with Jeff Mohlman 6-28-2021

How The Money Works

  • AIA takes 33% of the taxes recovered for the R&D Tax Credit process

  • AIA takes 20% of the taxes recovered for the ERTC

  • How the client pays:

    • AIA will determine the total amount of taxes they will recover.​

    • Before AIA files for the amended return, the client pays AIA 50% of the recovery amount up front

  • The Agent receives 5% of the 33% of the recovered amount and continues to receive the commission on the tax strategy implemented in future years.​

  • AIA takes full responsibility for representing the client for any potential audits (they never lost an audit - out of $100MM recovered last year, they only had only 6 audits and won every single one.

Weekly Zoom Training - TBD

Training Documents

Consultant Training Manual:
click here

Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC) Flyer (Branded):  click here

Qualified Research Activities (QRA) Examples by Industry:  click here

R&D Tax Credit Personalized Brochure Example (Branded):  click here

Tax Strategy Pro (TSP) R&D Brochure (Fillable): click here

Tax Code Section 41 on R&D Tax Credits: click here

Updated FAQ Google Document:  click here

The Process (download)

  1.  Agent schedules a discovery call on Kevin Russell's Calendy Link with the Client (please tie this down hard)

  2. Agent reminds the Client about the call one to two days prior to the appointment

  3. Kevin and the Agent are on the discovery call with the Client

  4. If qualified, Kevin emails out:

    • To the AIA Admin: Client Info​

    • To the Client:  Business Qualification Form (BQF)

    • To the Agent: Copy of the BQF

  5. Kevin schedules the AIA interview call (recorded - Client only on the call)

  6. If the Client qualifies the AIA Admin:

    • emails the Client the required tax documents and wage summary to be returned via a secure dropbox folder​

  7. When the Technical Writer returns the transcribed interview the Admin forwards to the Agent for review.

  8. The Agent authorizes the Admin to forward the Docusign agreement to the Client

    • Owner signs​

    • Agent is copied

    • Admin is copied

The Documents

  1.  R&D Factfinder - click here

  2. Tax Documents Required - click here

  3. Wage Summary Spreadsheet - click here

  4. ERTC Survy Form - click here

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