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Financial Security For Middle Market America

The middle market American client has been underserved for decades. We are here to change that, granting access to quick issue products designed to take care of their needs while maintaining affordability

Marketing to the Baby Boomers


In 2011, America experienced the start of the largest and most pronounced cycle of retirements in our nation's history. The "Baby Boomer Generation" - some 78 million, are currently retiring at a clip of 10,000 per day!


The "Baby Boomer Generation" includes those Americans born soon after World War II, starting in 1945 through 1964; a continuous period of approximately nineteen years!  Many in this group will be retiring from their careers or sell their businesses, collect the proceeds and invest in the next phase of their lives.


Additionally, the children of the "Baby Boomer Generation", the "Generation X'ers" will begin retiring immediately on the heels of their parents. This group is possibly even larger than the "Baby Boomer Generation".  The back to back retirement of these groups represent a historical occurrence in the lives of all Americans. Collectively, these events will last approximately forty years and 2011 is just the beginning. 

Alex Abuyuan ABN Financial
Largest Wealth Transfer In History


Many in this generation have lost their traditional loyalty to large financial institutions.  With all the fraud and insider trading convictions of some of the most prolific fund managers, there is a general distrust of the large "brand name" financial management companies.  Many securities brokers and sales people have left the industry after the last financial crash.  


Therin lies our opportunity!  More and more of our clients are asking us for ways to help them move their assets out of the market, afraid of exposure to further loss.  Many of our clients are turning to us to help them structure the transfer of their wealth to their heirs wtih minimal tax impact. 

Right Place Right Time


The table is set, the meal is served, now it's time - our time.  We need to add more good people to our ranks to take care of these baby boomer generation clients that are mailing in their lead request forms seeking help.  


There is $22 trillion in assets that these baby boomer generation clients control.  We have the right combination of products, the lead program to identify these clients, the right sales system and support to help you participate in the new "Gold Rush" of this millenium!