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Schedule Alex

  • One of my objectives is to foster communication so I am opening up my calendar to you to book yourself into when you need help.  My only requirements are that you have signed up for the slack app and are a member of the group.  If you are not, then request an invite to it by emailing me at

  • Here are the ways to book yourself into my personal calendar using the TimeTrade app.  Copy these links somewhere on a word file or in your contact address book for me in the notes section:

    • 15 minute coaching call - use this when you need some coaching about anything:

    • ​30 minute coaching call - use this when you think you need a longer coaching session with me:

    • ​15 minute sales appointment prep call - use this after you book an appointment and you need advice with products, proposals, underwriting, startegy etc.:

    • ​If you need me to do a final interview on one of your agent prospects use these links:

    • ​Should you hire someone, you can use this link to book them into my calendar to meet them on the phone:​

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