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The Art of Recruiting and Building

This webpage will help you participate in the Recruiting Machine concept that we are providing you if you are interested in building a large override income.  This will cost you $49 for the auto scheduler program (although there are some free calendar programs out there like and $9 for the domain name through


  • Listen to the basic concept from this mp3 - click here

  • Check out one of our agent's splash page - click here

1)  Sign up for a account and purchase your own recruiting domain name
  • This won't cost you very much if you only choose an annual renew plan

  • Don't purchase any of the extra up-sell stuff

  • When choosing a domain name keep it simple and professional.  Here are some examples:




  • Don't choose domain names like, or - these sound like cheesy MLM domain names.

  • The video below will show you how to get a GoDaddy account and a domain name.  Remember to write down your GoDaddy login ID and Password to send to us so we can link your domain name to your webpage.

2)  Sign up for a ($49) or (Free) account and link to your electronic calendar
  • This video below will help you sign up for the $49 individual plan (they will give you a free 15 day trial) and link to your electronic calendar.  Most people are using google calendar because it is simple to use and it integrates so well with most everything

  • You can use any other calendar program as long as you can send us the links you use to tie people into your calendar from your splash page. is a free system.

3)  Set up your calendar interview activities and availability in
  • This video below will help you set up your calendar interview activities

  • Remember to copy the links for each of the two interview activities and send them to us to link into your recruiting webpage or any other calendar program you choose to use.

The Information We Need

Finally, submit to us the following information so that we can create your recruiting webpage:

  1. Your domain name.

  2. Your GoDaddy ID and Password.

  3. The phone number and email address you want to show on your webpage.

  4. The links for two calendar activities for licensed and non-licensed candidates or whatever calendar program you decide to use.

Please fill out this information on this special web form: click here​

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