The Art of Recruiting and Building

This web page is everything we have on recruiting and building your team.  It is comprehensive.  There are decades of experience and millions of dollars made using these techniques.  But if you want to get started really quick into recruiting watch this next video.  Everything after that is the support material to learrn to become an expert in recruiting and building.

1)  Recruiting Basics


This training is designed to get you going with building your team.  We are going to start with the fundamentals of building a duplicatable network of producers and builders that will sustain a long term retirement income for you.  Remember that everything you do must be LTD - Learnable, Teachable and Duplicatable.  So let's start out with the four basics of recruiting:

2)  Who Can We Call First?

Of all the skills, this one is the most important.  Key questions:

  • Who have you already talked to about this program?

  • Who would you love to be on your team and chase this dream with you?

When you first saw this program, you will naturally think of people that you know that might benefit from this business.  This is where we can start.  After all, if it makes sense to you, will it not make sense to people that you know?

Please listen to this YouTube video of a training I did on a national conference call:  click here

  • Here is the link of this video to send to your new agents:

  • Here are two apps that will help you download your phone contacts into an excel spreadsheet format

    • iPhone:  MCBackup​

    • Android:  Contacts To Excel

    • These apps will help you assess who are people on your list that meet the category of who we would want to check interest with first - your top 25 to 50 sharpest people (your chicken list).

3)  Checking Interest With Warm Market


Let my credibility work for you 

This is the scary part for you typically but NOT for me.  I would recommend you let me call your list of people to check interest.  My approach is very laid back:

"Hi Steve, my name is Alex Abuyuan and I own a financial company in Ohio and I was talking to your friend Joe and he recommended that I call you.  We have too many clients in your area and not enough reps to help them.  We are looking for FT/PT/AT (any time).  Pays well, $300-$500 a pop.  Do you know anyone that can help?"

That's it!  They can say yes or no or maybe.  It doesn't matter.  All we are doing is checking off who is interested and who is not.  The one's that are interested, we get started for you on YOUR team; the one's that are not, we planted a seed for the future; and the one's that are "maybe's" we get them more info.  Easy peasey.  Let my credibility work for you.

Where you have credibility with them

There is group of people that you are closest to you where it would sound weird that they would get a call from me and not you.  If this is the case then I would use this approach on them via text:

"Hey Steve, I know someone who owns a financial company in Ohio.  He has too many clients in your area and not enough reps to help them.  He is looking for some FT/PT/AT people.  Pays well, $300-$500 a pop.  Do you know anyone that can help?"

When they ask what's it about, send them this video link for the short 3 minute overview:

Here is the generic overview video with no ABN Financial branding:

If they continue to show interest, then tell them you can set up an interview with the owner of the company, then edify me (how long I've been in the business - since 1999, how many states I have agents - 35, part of a larger marketing team that does $100 Million a year).  Then schedule them on my TimeTrade account and when you fill it out tell me that it is your guy or gal I'm interviewing and some background on how you know them:

You can even text me that you have a warm market recruit on the line and if you can call me for a three way call?  That is the best approach!  My mobile is 937-554-2693.

Why warm market recruiting works well early in your business is that you haven't done anything yet and can only rely on the credibility of the team out there already killing it.  I've made literally millions with my first two warm market people - Patrick Connors and Noelle Lewantowicz.  And they have made millions in the business already and I feel so blessed that I had something to do with that!

Final word on warm market recruiting - while you believe this opportunity would be perfect for all your friends that are complaining about money, don't be put off when you get the not for me thing.  It's all about timing.  You planted a seed that may come up in the future.  But don't let your success be determined by your friends saying yes or no to this.

4)  Cold Market Recruiting


Okay so now you've run out of all your warm market people.  Now it's time to jump into the foray of cold market recruiting, which really isn't that much different than warm market recruiting.  The main commonality is checking if someone is open to making money and then checking if they are open to making money the way we make money.  The only difference is the way we source those candidates.  

Sourcing Candidates

So think about it, if you didn't come to us through warm market connection, how did you?​  ZipRecruiter ad?  Monster ad? Indeed ad?  Email checking your interest?  This is where your creativity is required.  But sourcing candidates in many cases will require an investment.  Another reason why warm market works is because it is free.  Also cold contacting people you meet along the way is another way to meet some real sharp people for free so be open to sharp people around you.

  • Tip on cold contacting.  When you get into a conversation with someone sharp that you might think is a good match for us, pretend to walk away after saying good-bye, then turn around and say something like this:

    • "Bye the way Joe, you seem to be a pretty sharp person.  I have a friend of mine that owns a company in Ohio and was looking to interview some potential partners to expand in this area with companies like AIG, Transamerica and Mutual of Omaha.  You open to speaking with him? (if yes) Great, how would he be able to get in touch with you?"

    • Then get their info and send it to me to call them.  Tell them to expect a call from a 937 area code.

Job Posting/Resume Sites

There are many job posting and resume sourcing sites out there.  Most have some cost associated with them while others are free.  Use google to find the free ones out there.  The ones we use that cost money are:

  • Monster - we have a monster seat that we pay $600/Mo sponsored through the Alliance.  We get like 300 views a day for resumes and the ability to email blast people.  We save our resumes so we can make these available to you for free.  Like 50 to 100 per week that you can solicit via email or text.  Just contact Brenda at and just ask.

  • ZipRecruiter - we have a Zip account that we share with agents.  You get five cities where we place ads for you for $156/Month.  These seats are limited and are only on a month to month basis so no long term commitment on your part.  Just email me and let me know you are interested in joining:

    • Here are some great training video on ZipRecruiter - click here​

  • Indeed - there are a few agents that have been able to take advantage of the free job posting to get responders.  But there are very specific things you have to adhere to in order to not get kicked off.  And even if you do adhere to these rules, we have agents getting kicked off so it's really a weird arbitrary thing.  Click here to understand these rules as we know them.

  • Craigslist - this resource has been awesome and not so good.  It depends on city and time of year.  Hard to know what your results will be until you start posting.  Depending on city, the ads can cost $25 ro $150 per posting.  It is on an individual city by city basis.  Some cities might even be free.

    • Here is a copy of the ad - click here (please make sure to modify the words of this ad.  Don't copy it word for word or it will get flagged)

    • WARNING:  If you are doing free craigslist on gigs, you will need to do a two step system to drive candidates to your webpage:

      • First you cannot put any web link in there to your splash page - this only works for the paid for craigslist recruiting ads - you can only put the normal ways to contact you which is by email or phone - I would choose email only​.

      • Second, once you get their email, then send them a an email telling them to go to your information website (your domain name for your splash page).

      • Finally free ads get flagged at about a 90% rate so don't get discouraged.  Flagged means that your ad is not deemed suitable for the category you're advertising in and your ad gets kicked off.  The 10% is what you can expect.  That is why paying $15 or $25 might be more effective since you post only once per ad and you should get some responders.

      • General Warning:  Do not put ANY exclusionary language in your ads.  I've been sued for putting in my ad, "no felonies".  So has other top managers and agents in the alliance.  So if you don't want to have to mess with attorney fees and settlement costs, then do NOT put any exclusionary language in your ads.

  • Ad copy - here are some examples of ads.  Please don't copy word for word or you will get flagged for spamming and will be kicked out of that online posting system​, even the paid ones.  But use these to get started with some ideas.  Also copy some wording from other ads you see out there for insurance sales.


Creating a Web Presence

You are welcome to create your own web presence.  We can help you if you neither have the time nor inclination and we can get you up and running in an hour.  It would cost you $9 for a domain name via - or any other domain registration you choose.  And then you can sign up for your own appointment scheduler program that allows candidates to schedule interviews in your calendar which is really cool.  We use TimeTrade for $49 a year but there are other free ones out there like  Click here for our system to set up a quick splash recruiting page for you.  For an example look at mine:

You can reference the website if you would like, but you need to make sure to send your candidate there after you speak with them so you can keep track of them and ensure that when they join us they are part of your team.

5)  Interview Your Candidates


The interview is a basic skill that you will improve on naturally as you continue talking to prospective agents.  So don't worry about being perfect at it.  We have a saying, "you can't say the right things to the wrong people and you can't say the wrong things to the right people".  If it's right it's right.  So don't put any pressure on yourself that you're going to miss out on your next EVP on your team.  Just find the winners out there.  You don't make them, you find them (and then get out of their way).  Also do not feel the pressure that you need to be the expert in everything before recruiting them.  We are the experts and the system is what will teach them.  You are the conduit to the system for them.  It is not important that you be their training resource.  It is most important that you are the ultimate inviter to the system - inviting them to attend the webinars, conference calls, hotspot meetings and training functions.

Be a Screener
Please start out by being a "screener", screening out people who are not interested.  These are the popular reasons for people not being interested:

  • they don't want 100% commission (even if they can do it part time).

  • they don't want to study for a license or spend their own money on getting a license

  • they don't want to meet people in their homes

  • they don't have transportation

  • they don't want to be in insurance sales or outside sales

These are the popular reasons people want to join us​

  • they crave independence and have a strong entrepreneur streak

  • they need to have a side gig to make ends meet

  • they are sick and tired of working for their current employer

  • they've heard of rumblings of layoffs and want to hedge their bets

  • they've played with the idea of being in financial services in the past and now is the right time to jump in

  • they love the idea of not having to sell their family and friends and want access to a lead program

  • they want to try something new

  • they want do something that will fill in the time holes they have in their calendar and this might be compatible with what they are currently doing (like realtors or accountants etc.)

Final Interview

Once you find out if they want to get more information, then book them on my calendar for a final interview.  

Tell them you can set up an interview with the owner of the company, then edify me (how long I've been in the business - since 1999, how many states I have agents - 35, part of a larger marketing team that does $100 Million a year).  Here is a short video on the power of edification -


Then schedule them on my TimeTrade account and when you fill it out tell me that it is your guy or gal I'm interviewing and some background on them or paste their resume into the program:

Here is a good basics training on how I interview people:

(here is the link if you want to send it to someone -

Examples of Interviews

Here are examples of some interviews I've recorded - I am very conversational and laid back but please remember this is a reflection of my recruiting experience since 1993 so don't get too freaked out.  Just get started and you will improve each interview that you do:​

6)  When They Need More Information


Should your candidate need more information before making a decision here are some ways to provide them more information.

Send some video information

Here is an example of an email I send them to give them more info (I would rather text them) - note that I include my address so that it prevents this email from going into spam folders:

Hi Joe,
It was nice to speak to you today about my company and the sales rep position.  I think you would be a good fit for this.

Here are some short videos for you to check out.  I put them on a web page because if I put the links in this email, then it would probably go into your spam folder.  There will be links to a solid part-time income scenario, sales process, examples of our leads, some of our other product lines – some that don’t even require a license to sell.

Go to

Let me know if you have any questions and want to talk again or if you want my assistant Brenda to get you started.

Please confirm that you received this so I know this did not go into your spam folder.


Steve Smith

The Smith Agency
1301 Lyons Rd #H
Dayton OH 45458

Sending Your Candidate to a HotSpot

If you happen to be close to an Alliance Hotspot meeting, then you may invite them to check out the business overview session from 7 pm to 8 pm.  Here is the step by step to invite your person to the meeting:

  1. To find a local meeting go to and search on the city that your candidate is in

  2. Text me to find out if I have the hosts contact info to let them know your person will be attending and to look out for them.

  3. Let your person know to show up five to 7 pm and when they check in, let them know that you invited them and they are a part of the Alex Abuyuan team - super important they mention my name when they introduce themselves so the people running the meeting know to edify my team and give you credibility in the eyes of your candidate.  Recommend that they get a seat in the front row.

  4. Let your person know that for attire, a coat and tie or at least a coat will help them feel comfortable in that environment and if they are a woman, that sharp business casual would be appropriate.

  5. Make sure they know to meet the speaker after the meeting and to introduce themselves (and to mention Alex Abuyuan team) and that they can ask questions at that point.

  6. Make sure that they call you after the meeting to let you know how everything went.

  7. After they call you and there continues to be interest, get them on my calendar to do a follow up with them.  Use the final interview link and write in the appointment that they attended the hotspot meeting.  Book me within 24 hours of the meeting - super important that we strike while the iron is hot.  Here is my schedule link:

7)  Following Up and Getting Them Started


This is the crucial step in getting an agent started.  This is where you can make or break your opportunity with your new agent.  This is where we do the LWAC process to get them started.  Check out this video on the LWAC:

So the main objective is to get their business started by getting a list so we can call to help them start their agency and at the same time get them started by getting them into license class.  It would be wise to listen to your upline manager or team leader do this for you with your warm market people on a three way call so you can start learning this valuable skill.

The List

We do exactly for them what we started with you at the beginning of this recruiting training - build a list with them.  Just like with you, we need to help them put their top 25-50 sharpest people using the methods in step 2) and 3) above.  Again, listen to your upline manager or team leader do this for you so you can duplicate them.  The ultimate way to do this is to meet with them in their home and start the relationship building process and also start calling their list from their house.

The License

If they are not licensed yet, get them into the training system (if they are NOT in IL).  Our $150 discount code is Abuyuan47 so that the net cost to them is only $49.  If they are in the state of IL, then they are required to go through a portion of classroom training.  In this case we use another system through ExamFX.  We can also get a huge discount with them.  Click here for the Illinois state licensing process for ExamFX.  Here is the IL state department of insurance webpage on licensing - click here.  Any questions on licensing please contact Brenda for the details:

After you get them into licensing make sure to send them this video - it emphasizes the importance of staying in touch with you during the studying process:

Here are some other videos to send them to build their belief

  • Build belief in the Alliance and Andy Albright

Getting them to the next conference

One of the most effective ways to get them plugged in is to get them to the next major function.  It would be a great example to let them know that you are attending that event as well.  

The major national functions are:

Other events​:

  • Check out other training events that the Alliance is offering for you to learn and earn!

  • Any Andy Albright boot camp event​ is perfect for a new unlicensed person to go to because Andy keeps it a high level, but other boot camps run by agents would not really be appropriate for a non-licensed person because it would be too technical for them.

8)  Building Concepts


Here is web page that goes into more detailed building strategy and concepts - click here

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