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This package includes:

  • ATM Binder individual price - worth $9.95
  • Entire Presentation and Supplemental Forms and Sales Materials Inside the ATM - worth $14.95
    • to include all the color ATM Presentation Slides
    • We will even do your About Me slides when you fill out the following form: http://bit.ly/ABNAboutMe
  • Activity Scheduler Book individual price - worth $9.95
  • Delivery Notices - 1 pad (for no shows) individual price - worth $2.00
  • Rx Card - 100 pack individual price - worth $5.00
  • One Lanyard and ID pouch to place your license in - worth $5
  • If ordered separately with shipping the total cost would be $50.16
  • Buy the package from us with free shipping for $43.95

Quickstart Sales Kit With Loaded ATM