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This package includes:

  • ATM Binder Only (no presentation inside) individual price - worth $9.95
  • Activity Scheduler Book individual price - worth $9.95
  • Delivery Notices - 1 pad (for no shows) individual price - worth $2.00
  • Rx Card - 100 pack individual price - worth $5.00
  • One Lanyard and ID pouch to place your license in - worth $5
  • If ordered from Alliance store with shipping the total cost would be $35.24

Buy the package from us with free shipping for $28.95

If you want to upgrade the ATM binder to a fully loaded ATM with everything you need loaded in it you can refer to the product "Quickstart Sales Kit With Loaded ATM" in the product store.  This will save your hours of time and frustration.

Quickstart Sales Kit (Binder only with no presentation inside)