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Here is what is included:

  • The ATM Easel Binder
  • All the color ATM Slides
  • We will even do your About Me slides when you fill out the following form: http://bit.ly/ABNAboutMe
  • Your license loaded into a lanyard
  • Supplemental Section to your ATM in a three ring binder format using more slip sheets

    • ​Quote worksheets x 10

    • Greensheet Form x 10 (for the Your Financial Picture page in the ATM)

    • Annuity Real Benefits Chart x 1

    • ERS Referral Form x 10

    • I am your life insurance policy to have the client read when your done with your appointment x 10

    • Card holder for your Prescription Discount Cards

    • Card holder for your business cards

    • Info pages

      • Children's Whole Life rates at a glance​

      • 10 Leading Causes of Death

      • Creamation/Funeral Costs

      • Government Benefits for Burial

Loaded ATM: Binder Plus Presentation (Free Shipping)