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Get Out The Gate Fast
Follow these 4 steps

First things first.  I need to know your goals and what you need to accomplish with this business.  Please fill out this goals form ASAP:  Fill it out by clicking here​.

Go through this basic training page on the sales process, product and leads.  We recommend you do the following:

1) Practice the scripts on your spouse or significant other until you can go through it smoothly.

2) Practice running rates on yourself, spouse etc.

3) Read through the product guides so you are familiar with where to find underwriting information.

4) Log into the e-apps for CFG and Great Western and practice the e-app process. (Better yet, write an app on yourself and/or your spouse so you know how to do the e-signature process.

Learn Telesales


  • Telesale Script - Word​

  • Full Transcript of the video - Word

  • Download and use this dial tracking sheet when you dial leadsClick here

The Emergency Response Referral System


Purchase these books


Listen to veteran agents dial the phone live

  • ​Schedule time in your calendar to attend the Lewantowicz team live dialing session on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 am eastern to 9 pm eastern, to listen in on zoom to the featured agent doing live booking dials.  Here is the zoom link to use (make sure you are muted and dressed appropriately if you activate your camera):  
    https://zoom.us/j/9523038012 passcode is 2527


Here are the basics of running an appointment using the ATM PowerPoint system.  Learn this if you plan on doing in-home appointments.

Learn the In-Home Appointment


Here are some useful scripts we use for the in-home sales that might help you with handlilng objections:

Live dialing videos and an mp3.  You don't have to listen to every single one, but you can spot check them and listen to the agent's "vibe".


A Real Face to Face Appointment (done in my office!)


ATM PowerPoint for use during in-home meetings - PPT  or  PDF

  • The Appointment Script - Word

  • About Me Template - PDF / Word

  • How to add pictures to the about me slides - click here

The Emergency Response Referral System

Purchase this book


Learn How To Write an App in 5 Easy Steps

Final Things to Do

When you are ready to run leads make sure you do this:

1) Get the lead training from Ginny (instructions in the Leads section below)

2) Put yourself on Alex Abuyuan's calendar to put a schedule and game plan together:  click here

3) When you're ready for leads then click here

4) Finally, here is a cool page with good reference material for you:  click here

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