Do this first before anything else:

  1. Learn about leads

    • ​If you're in the Alex Abuyuan base shop contact Ginny Abuyuan our Lead Queen by emailing her at and texting her at 937-271-8298.

    • If you are outside of the Alex Abuyuan base shop team, contact your hiring agent to find out how to get leads from your upline agency manager.

  2. Put a game plan together with Alex

    • ​If you're on Alex Abuyuan's base shop, then it's time to put a game plan together to get you out of the gate making dials and making money. 

      • Click here to schedule your one on one game plan session with Alex Abuyuan. 

      • Then click here to tell me your goals on our goals form.  If you can't upload your pictures from the form, just email them to me:

    • For regular coaching calls for anything please either call me at 937-554-2693 or use my schedule links in the section below.

    • If you are outside of the Alex Abuyuan base shop team, contact your agency manager to put a game plan together.

Bar Chart

Get Out The Gate Fast


Sales Skills - Do these:

  1. Watch the ATM Sales Submarine video: click here

  2. Filling in the gaps - how to figure out what to quote: click here

  3. Practice the sales scripts with your friends and family

  4. Watch the Selling on TLP Leads video: click here

  5. Order the book "Asking Questions The Sandler Way": click here

  6. Order the book "How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less": click here

  7. Write an application on yourself, your spouse or a friend to practice the e-app process.

  8. Practice the quoting tools from the webpage:

  9. Read through the CFG Choice WL, CFG Safeshield, GWIC and AIG Product Guides.

  10. Know where the other underwriting tools are: click here

  11. Learn how to schedule 40 appointments a week:  click here

  12. Learn to dial on cheap Facebook leads: click here

    • Get signed up on this lead source: click here

  13. Listen to Megan Wood making sales: click here

  14. Here is the most recent video of the sales boot camp: click here

What You Need To Do Next

  1. Put these webinars in your calendar:  click here

  2. Make sure you complete the Get Started Page (password is naarockson): click here

  3. Read the information on this helpful info webpage: click here

    • Covers how commissions work​ and access to the different commission rate per product/carrier

    • Training on the 2nd appointment stuff

    • Useful tech tools that can help you make more money

  4. Here is a link to the video of the boot camp:  click here

  5. When you are ready for leads, click on this button:

Product Reference

Product Guidance

Final Expense leads

  • Write CFG Choice Whole Life​
  • If you are in AK, ME, MS, MT, NY you would use Foresters PlanRight (NY will not allow telesales) - click here

Mortgage Protection leads

  • Write CFG SafeShield
  • If they are a senior client that has a mortgage, then the price might be too expensive, then we write the CFG Choice Whole Life product using the mortgage payment protection strategy.  Click here to learn how to use that strategy.
  • If you are in AK, ME, MS, MT, NY you would use Foresters Strong Foundation (NY will not allow telesales) - click here

New Marriage Leads

  • Depends on what they want
    • Final expense - CFG Whole LIfe​
    • Term - CFG SafeShield Term
    • Note the state exceptions above

If they are unable to physically qualify for any othe above products

  • Age 40 - 80:  Great Western Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
  • Age 81 - 85 in CA:  AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

If their only way to pay is the Social Security Express Debit Card

  • For normal whole life use Transamerica - click here
  • If they are really sick - Great Western - either Assurance or Assurance Plus

Product Skills - Whole Life and Term

CFG Whole Life (Final Expense) 

  • Product Info

    • Download the product guide: click here​

    • ​Download the Medical Questions (this will help you determine what to quote): click here

  • Quoting Tools

  • E-App

    • How to get your PIN to log in - click here

    • How to get into the E-App - click here

    • If you're doing your first E-App and don't have an agent number yet, use 511932

    • ​The telesale signature procedure (you must pracatice reading the script several times so you are clear and concise when you really have to do it):

CFG Simplified Issue Term (Mortgage Protection)

Product Skills - Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

Great Western Guaranteed Issue Whole Life (use for ages 40-80 and they cannot get covered with CFG Whole Life.  Not available in NY)

AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life (use If they cannot get covered with CFG Whole Life and ages 81-85 OR they are located in the following states:  AK, CT, DC, DE, HI, ME, NY, VT.  Not available in NY)

  • Download the product guide: click here​​

  • E-App Video: click here

  • If it is your first telesale app and you do not have an agent code, use this one:  004o0 (the 4th character is an "O" like Oscar.)

By submitting, you give us permission to contact you by email, phone call or text.

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