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Our Partners

A great company doesn't become great without the right partners.  We have assembled the best of class partners to support us in both the product side and the infrastructure side to run our company.

Partners: Projects
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Our Insurance Carriers

  • Aetna/ CVS

  • Aetna/ Medicare Adv

  • American General

  • Allianz

  • American Equity

  • Americo

  • Anthem

  • Athene

  • Assurity

  • Bright Health

  • Baltimore  Life

  • Capitol Life

  • Columbian Financial Group

  • Cigna/ Medicare Adv

  • Cigna/ Medicare Supp

  • Columbus Life

  • Central States Health & Life

  • Fidelity & Guaranty

  • Florida Blue

  • Foresters

  • Great Western

  • Guarantee Trust Life

  • Guggenheim

  • Health Matching Account Services

  • Humana

  • Liberty Bankers

  • Lumico

  • MAC

  • Medico

  • Molina

  • Mutual of Omaha

  • Nassau Re

  • National Life Group

  • North American Annuity

  • North American Life

  • National Western Life

  • Occidental

  • Ohio State

  • Pan American

  • Pet Health Matching Account Services

  • Prosperity Life

  • Sagicor


  • Sons of Norway

  • Surebridge

  • Transamerica

  • United Health Care

  • Washington National

  • WellCare

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Infrastructure - Superior Performers and the Integrity Marketing Group

Isn't a relief that you won't have to sell to your family and friends? Pro Data Research is our lead generation machine designed to identify clients that need our help.

The power of numbers. Superior Performers/Integrity Marketing Group negotiates for hundereds of thousands of independent agents and agencies to get the best compensation programs and the best of breed products from our multitude of carrier relationships in the financial services industry. 

City Center

Consulting Partnerships

Our power is knowing where to go to for expertise.  You don't have to be the expert to use an expert.  We are smart enough to know that we cannot be all things to all customers.  But we can work with the best of class consulting partners to help us help you.

Debt Elimination

With resolute determination, MPower Wealth is here to reignite your dreams. Whomever you are, every culture, every background, they are here to help. Help starts with giving you a financial education to be set free from debt and to have financial freedom for you and your family, so that you can increase your income and accumulate wealth. This is all available to you if you are wiling to learn.

If you stay focused on your dream, you can own your future.

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