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We Are A Team Of Winners

If you are a life insurance or annuity company looking to outsource your sales to experts, you couldn't have found a better team. We have found and developed a championship team of sales professionals who know how to serve clients, placing the client's needs and budget above all else. We teach our sales professionals to take care of the client first, and then their own financial compensation will take care of itself - we reap what we sow.

We Write Solid Business

We stand by our reputation in the industry as a team that writes business that stays on the books. Not only are you concerned about your marketing channels writing good risk, but we are too. In fact, our producer's have compensation incentives targeted for placement and persistency. Our top agents are in the 80% to 95% placement and persistency range. This is unheard of in the insurance brokerage marketplace but it is true with us because our producers plug into our extensive training and support system that is focused on placement and persistency.

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We Have A Track Record

We partnered in 2006 with a major international carrier seeking to expand beyond their career agent force. We jointly created an innovative life insurance product targeted at the mortgage protection marketplace. Within 18 months of that venture, we sold more units of life insurance than their entire career sales force sold in the previous five years. They have since done away with their career agents and continue to partner with us to expand their US business base.

Another carrier asked us to send our life cases to our other partner life insurance carriers because nine months into their fiscal year we had exceeded their capitalization for the amount of life business allocated to our channel - in other words, we wrote too much business for them to handle! The next fiscal year, they re-adjusted up their capitalization for our team.

Success Breeds Success - We are continuing to hire the winners out there to be part of our championship producer team so if your company is looking to win - don't hesitate to contact us to see if we have mutual goals and our culture of winning is compatible with yours. You will not be sorry you did. 

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Alex Abuyuan

Our Leader

Back in 1999, Alex Abuyuan was working 60 to 70 hours a week as an executive recruiter. He often spent time away from his wife Ginny and the couple’s three children at the time. He saw little room for advancement with his previous employer and had to find something better for himself and his family.  He was truly living the life of "quiet desperation."


He prayed for something that would give him an exit from his existing job and an on-ramp to a new career and life.


“I never got to see my family and I saw no way that it was going to get any better by moving up; it was going to get worse,” Abuyuan said.

“I was praying on my knees for a way out. I said, ‘Lord, I promise this time I will look at the next thing you send my way.’”


Luckily, a woman from Mary Kay didn’t knock on Abuyuan’s door. Instead, Abuyuan found an opportunity when Andy Albright called and asked Abuyuan, “if he was open to making some money?”


Abuyuan started on a part-time basis, but three months later it was time to flush the other job because he was cash-flowing $2,500 a week.


“Thank God and thank Andy Albright and the Alliance.” Abuyuan said.


In 2002 Abuyuan started The ABN Financial Group and it has grown steadily ever since.  Abuyuan and his wife now have five children and live in Centerville, Ohio. Abuyuan has achieved tremendous financial rewards leading the ABN Financial Group and has helped others find financial freedom for themselves as well.


Abuyuan’s ultimate goal is continue to do great things with The ABN Financial Group, The Alliance, and now our partner the Integrity Marketing Group, through mission work and children’s charities.


“We want to help thousands of families get their father and mother back full time, creating a stronger family unit,” Abuyuan said. “We want to help orphan children missions in the U.S. and abroad. I want to teach my children the same success principles that Andy Albright has taught me.”


Listen to his story by clicking on the button:

Our Team: Team

BIO Highlights

Father of five and husband to his wonderful wife

BS Economics and General Engineering - USAF Academy


MS Social and Applied Economics - Wright State University

Licensed in Life, Health and Annuities

Certified Public Employee Pension Advisor (403b/457b)


Certified Program Management Professional (PMP)


USAF Officer


Program Management Consultant to USAF Weapon System Development Programs


Executive Recruiter for IT


Praise and Worship Band Leader (Electric Guitar)

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