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Our System: Careers

Our Sales System

Our sales system is the best around - our top producers experience high closing rates (55% for new agents to 75% for experienced agents) in the home on a one appointment sale or on the phone/internet on a telesale. In addition, we focus our system not only on closing, but closing quality business that stays on the books. Our top producers get around a 80% to 90% placement and persistency ratio when they implement our entire system. All this equates to focusing on making our producers profitable and time efficient.

With COVID-19 and the stay at home restrictions, we have adapted our sales process to doing telesales although many agents have been able to do in-home appointments using masks etc.  Our lead system is conducive to this type of sales process.

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Support Group

Our Support System

You have the opportunity to take advantage of the value-added, free educational teleconferences, webinars and local seminars through ABN Learn & Earn! Our Learn & Earn teleconferences and webinars provide sales ideas and product information for life, disability, annuities, underwriting and more! Our Learn & Earn local seminars are hosted by our sales offices across the country and provide you the opportunity to meet your local team while learning about our products and services from carrier and industry experts.  With the pandemic many of our offices have gone to zoom webinars, but one-on-one coaching is available on an individual basis practicing social distancing.

Our Lead Program

Ever get nervous having to hit up your family and friends for sales?  You don't have to do that here.  We created our own lead generation facility back in 2006.  We can get you in front of clients that want life insurance.  They filled out a form, signed it and sent it back in the mail.  Or they called in from the form.  Or they filled out a form on social media serious about getting life insurance.  You bring the ambition and the coachability and we will get you in front of clients.  New agents close 55%; experienced agents close 75%.  Selling face to face; selling over the phone on the internet; we got the selling system for you.

Our System: FAQ's


1) Is this a 100% commission job?

  • Answer:  Of course it is - this is the one of the top opportunities to earn what you're worth.  Most sales people fail 100% commission jobs because they run out of family and friends to sell to and suck at getting referrals.  With our program we have a lead program so there literally is no lack of people that have already expressed interest in our products.​​  Therefore with a full pipeline of customers you can earn commission deposits coming into your bank account on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 3 times a week!


2) Do I have to go full-time?

  • Answer:  No.  In fact we recommend that you keep your full-time gig and start with us on a part-time basis.  Test drive the program for a while to determine if you want to go full-time or not.  Many of our associates go full-time after they have literally replaced their job income working with us part-time.  Others love doing this as a side gig on their terms and whatever side income they want to make.  It is totally up to you.


3) How will I get trained to do this?

  • Answer:  We've got that covered.  We have a world class on-line training program as well as hands on training at over 100 locations in the country.  We also do live webinars on a weekly basis and training boot camps going on all over the country in various regions.  You may also ride with an agent to get a feel for how we do what we do.  And we are big on mentorship so you will always have someone who is making money in this business personally mentoring you.


4) Do I have to sell my family and friends?

  • Answer:  No.  We don't care if you protect the people that you love and care about with life insurance and annuities.  We have too many clients that have sent in the lead letter requesting help that we really need you to take care of our people.  Protecting your loved ones is up to you.  If you feel uncomfortable earning a commission on selling your family and friends, we will be happy to write the business for your family.


5) I'm not interested in sales management, can I just sell and make money?

  • Answer:  Of course!  We have many associates that only want to sell and they do quite well with us.  If they run across a family member or friend that needs a part-time gig and refer them to us, they can forgo the override income on their friend's production and let us make the override.  So yes, just making money by selling is cool!  If you still want to earn an override on a referral that is your option as well, we will train and help them and you can just earn the override.  But again, if you don't want the override we will gladly take it!


6) Do I need any special licensing to do this job?

  • Answer:  Yes, you need a life insurance license minimally and a health insurance license is recommended too (you can get that later).  It's pretty easy to get.  We can get you a huge discount on an on-line course to study for your exam and then the test is only a 100 question multiple choice exam that you need to pass with only a 70% (some states may vary).  It takes about a week and it's easier than your driver's license exam when you were a teenager.  It only takes about a week to study part-time and take the exam. 


7) Will it cost me anything to get started?

  • Answer:  Yes, just like some jobs require a college education which some people pay multiple six figures for.  But for us the licensing class is $49.  Taking the state licensing exam hovers around $60 depending on your state.  The fee to apply for your life insurance license varies around $70 again depending on state.  And finally you need to get fingerprints done so the state can do a background check which is around $35 to $40.  That's it!  Beats needing a college degree!  And all this takes only about a week, not four or five years.

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