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This product will help your client cut their outstanding unsecured debt in half and their monthly servicing of that debt in half.  Then we can get them debt free in 36 months.  And you get paid to help them do it!

Health Matching Account

If you have been through the HMA contracting, then you have been through the training webinar.  Here is the link to the new way to market to clients and to hire agents.  This capability will be up and running soon. 

  • Here is the basic training webinar:  click here

  • Showing the program to someone - click here

  • Plug into their weekly training webinar on monday nights at 7:30 pm eastern time.  Here is the link:

    • Here is ​a video of one of these webinars:  click here

  • Here is the web based course on it: click here (you must add it to your cart and check out - $0 cost, when you get to the order summary, just click on the course name and you will go to the training page)

  • Here is the video on the marketing system (you must own the card yourself to use the marketing system): click here

  • Here is a resources dropbox folder for materials: click here

  • Here is a training slide deck: click here

  • Here is the income projection spreadsheet - click here

  • Here is the illustration spreadsheet - click here

  • Commission Schedule - click here​

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Signing a Contract

Estate Planning

This product will help your client get their estate planning finally done!  We are talking Last will, living will, advanced directives, medical and financial powers of attorney and trusts.  All for 1/3 the price of going to an estate planning lawyer.  Plus you will get unlimited referrals for this which will perpetuate your business and you will also make $200 per estate plan that you do, beyond the large premiums from the life insurance products and annuity products you will sell because of your access to their asset information!

To get into the full training page click here.


Since we do not have a lead program for these products, you will have to do the old fashioned way of marketing - start with warm market.

  1. Create your target list

    • Easiest way to do this is to export your contacts from your phone to a spreadsheet.  Here are two apps that will help you do this:​

      • MCBackup for the iPhone​

      • Contacts2Excel for Android

  2. Once you have your target market, then set up a schedule when you're going to sit down and call them.  Here is a short script suggestion - click here​​

  3. Never pre-judge anyone.  You have no idea what someone needs unless you ask.

  4. Make sure to get referrals from them if they are not personally interested.

  5. Here are some marketing ideas for estate planning - click here

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