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Order Your Paper Applications

Have paper apps as a backup to your e-app process.

Once you are appointed with the carriers, you can order your paper applications - here are the toll free numbers.  They may direct you to the online ordering process for supplies.  You can go to the carrier pages to see how to download the apps and there is usually a button that allows you to order the paper app also.  It's usually good to put these in a file box with a carry handle to keep in car - ex. click here

  • Columbian Financial Group - 1-855-895-3584

    • 10 Dignified Choice Application Packages​

    • 10 SafeShield App packages

    • 10 CFG Folders

    • 50 E-App Disclosure Documents (6199CL)

  • Foresters - 1-877-622-4249​

    • 10 StrongFoundation App Packages​

    • 10 PlanRight App Packages

    • 25 Benefits of Membership Brochures (503979 CAN\US (03/19))

    • 25 Insurance Buyers Guide (100938 US (06/11)

  • Transamerica - 1-877-234-4848​

    • 25 Solutions Whole Life App Package​

  • Great Western Insurance Company - 1-866-252-5594​

    • 25 Guaranteed Issue Whole Life App Packages​

  • AIG - 1-800-247-8837​ the agency code is 00D01

    • 25 Guaranteed Issue Whole Life App Packages​

  • Mututal of Omaha - 1-877-234-4848​

    • Term Life Express​

    • Living Promise Whole Life

    • GULE

    • GUL

    • Children's Whole Life

    • Guaranteed Advantage Accidental Death

Important - don't freak out about not having paper apps.  We can email the PDF versions that you need so you can print out so you can have them ready for your appointment.​​

Set Up Your File Box

It is good to be organized.  You never want to have to come back to a client's home to finish an application.

You need a file box in your trunk with hanging folders of all the paper apps you need when you run appointments. You should also have all your apps and underwriting guides on a could drive just in case you run out of a form, then you can maybe use the client's printer to print out the form you need.  This will be a work in progress as you start running more appointments so do not get hung up and putting this whole thing together for your first appointment.  Here are some file tab folder Labels that you can use to insert into the tabs - print out in color format and they get cut at crop marks then folded over to fit in standard plastic holders: click here

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