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I received this email from Carol Hargett after our conference call a couple of weeks ago in response to people thinking she's lucky producing so much, or she's got the "good" leads.  I read this and it knock me over.  Some people talk the talk but don't walk the walk.  Carol walks the walk so her words ring true.

It is super inspirational so I asked if I could send it out to the team and she sheepishly said sure.

So here it is - enjoy!


Got a little on a rant here lol - just a note (or letter) about the Lucky thing,


It's not that I don't feel lucky, because I know what it is to work hard and fail, but just to explain that lucky comes as a result of effort and work and willingness to change, and face reality and be told you're a negative nancy (Justin Tripp -  and I needed to hear it).


I always forget things when on the spot, but when you said someone might think I got lucky.....well, Andy has said something to this effect before, its a lot of work and searching and preparing and then sometimes you get lucky.  but you won't find the luck without the work.  it is like digging for gold.  you have to dig to get lucky.


I do feel lucky every time I get write a policy.... 

2 reasons: 

     1. the client could have chosen anyone to buy from

     2. I have gone on so many appointments that I didn't write a policy that I take nothing for granted


Here is how I found my luck: 


For 6 months i've been with NAA, I have lived and breathed the training from NAA - 

all the different forms of it, from meetings, to mp3's to NAAU, Alex's videos and sites

all I listen to in the car or at home if i'm not making calls or just need silence 


TV - movies are a treat or If i'm totally cooked (done with life) and need escape - or i'm putting together my app packets or something like that - once a month maybe?


I don't go out to do things around town or with groups like i used to.  don't have friends other than what i'm making thru work. 


I've Invested heavily because i said I was all in

 - I paid $100 extra plus another hotel night to get another training from Bill Lampe, even tho I had seen him the previous week.

- gone to regional bootcamp, national convention and signed up for more


- I went to NC with Andrew Peters and spent more on a trip than we sold - but learned a ton 


- I joined presidents club - there's a monthly fee, but the coaching and Cd's and website and kit marketing pay for itself


- I buy leads - whatever it takes - not just a few - whatever it takes! 


- I have gone on so many appointments that I didn't sell or no showed me, at one time I literally told Alex, I feel like my job is drive around listening to cd's

-My first sale, I had to drive 2/12 hours each way, for ONE appointment !  


- I do the bare minimum for my kids, they aren't in extra activities - I can't handle it right now

- my son does not do homework because it requires me to do it with him 

- teacher relieved me of the duty - (he's special needs - so i'm sure thats why we get away with it - and I'm single mom)

- i don't keep up with past due bills - my house is mess - house paperwork just ends up in piles 

- I was OCD mom before, everything in order

- we need to be special diets but i don't have time to cook, we get a lot of fast food

- i was gone on my daughters birthday - me, the queen of the birthday parties in the suburbs!

- I hand over my kids to their dad, whom i don't trust with their emotions, so I can work

- I have made major alterations in schedules and getting help with the kids and leaving them for 2-3 days a week.

- I've had to shift my thinking on priorities and what CAN be done

- i've been away from my family and given up all the things i could have done at home with them, to be out with clients who sent me home empty handed.  


but this is not a regret but stating what needed to be done to reach my goals and dreams and honestly the only way i could see to provide for my kids future.   I can't go back to corporate america, not after experiencing this.  This stuff of me feeling like a terrible mom, is temporary, I learned, no one is going to take care of me and the kids.  It's Necessary, for our future and it will get better one day.  Things weren't much better before anyway, with having no known future and no reality to dreams and desires.  


Everybody wants the secret sauce - at my hotspot - 'what was the thing that turned the corner for you?'   

- Well honestly i believe it was a storm brewing that finally came together.   All the months of me showing up to meetings and at least being consistent in putting in some apps no matter how small, and asking many many questions.  Just ask Paul Roberts and Bill Lampe.  I may have chased them away from San Antonio!  lol just kidding.  learning bits and pieces as i go, one nugget from each thing, and moving on and adding more work and more practice and more trying and failing and directing what i could do better. 

 Do all of that and whatever it takes to book 20 appointments in 2 days.  i tell people that and they don't seem to get it - they still book 3 appts one day, 4 appts another day.  and they don't study and learn and call the companies to get the apps. and on and on.  


Now, here's the kicker - 

I keep waiting for my luck to run out, and my big butt to show, because every week it's a scramble to figure out how i'm going to pull it off.   this is not being humble or a joke, this is the truth.   I'm completely stressed until i have at least 10-15 appointments set.  And I had a few weeks where I knew i had the leads just have to do the work and be lucky again.  but lately its getting harder and harder again, i don't have a lead pool in one area.


I have straggling leads in probably 20 counties,  I work little towns and i have to constantly figure out where i can go next from each appointment i book.  I can't tell you the added hours of time and stress it adds.  not complaining but explaining what the behind the scenes work is to get it done, no matter what.      Right now this is my system that I know how to work.  I need to work on stretching to get referrals and other methods of business generation.  That's my next growth i guess.  


I am grateful to the opportunity - that no one else as given me before - to be free from corporate america that treated a single mom terribly -  but it is by hard work that I will be lucky to have the dream that comes with it.  


just to help those with any excuses,

1.  I have adrenal fatigue, which means i come home from my runs and sometimes i have to lay around for a day or 2, it's not funny, it's not lazy, my body is desperate need for healing and I'm working on it, but to do my runs i have to "perk up" which goes against my healing diet. 


2. Besides being a single mom, my kids are special needs, which creates a whole other world to navigate life that is waaaaay to long to explain here


3. my mother has been battling leukemia for the last year, she received bone marrow transplant but we are not assured anything and she is constantly battling the side effects.   


4. my parents are the only additional care givers for kids see above besides their part time dad


5, I have ADHD


6. I came into this business in major debt from divorce and losing everything i ever worked for - with continual doctor bills 


I also have a ton going for me and I know it could be sooooo much worse (i have friends who are) but NO EXCUSES, if I can do it then so can anyone else! 



Carol Hargett

Mortgage - Life - Retirement

Protection Specialist

The Alliance