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More video info to check out:

(note:  We are a sales and production based company catering to the independent sales person.  While some of these videos talk about agency building, please don't get the impression that is what we are all about.  You choose your own adventure and we are here to support that.  Nothing happens unless someone sells something to somebody!)


If after watching some of these videos, you want to schedule another time to ask questions and learn more, please use this link to book yourself on my schedule:

Check out the YouTube channel: click here

Our Carriers at a glance: click here

90 Day Gameplan

  • This is how we transition you from a life insurance agent to a retirement planning advisor with zero lead investment and writing larger life and annuity cases:

Success Stories

Income Scenarios

Sales Examples

  • Is two applications a week possible? Watch a former server/bartender & single mom sell - she will make $300,000 this year after 2 1/2 years with us from $36,000 at Applebees.:

  • click here

Business Overview

Our Lead Programs

  • Explanation of our other different lead programs

  • Our Preset Appointment Program to do Pension Reviews with State Teachers and Employees (higher case average and no pounding the phone!) These are agents sharing their experience for training:


Support Systems

Other Products

Professional Sales Opportunities Leading to Large Life and Annuity Cases

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