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(note:  We are a sales and production based company catering to the independent sales person.  While some of these videos talk about agency building, please don't get the impression that is what we are all about.  You choose your own adventure and we are here to support that.  Nothing happens unless someone sells something to somebody!)


If after watching some of these videos, you want to schedule another time to ask questions and learn more, please use this link to book yourself on my schedule:


Personal Producers' realistic income scenarios:

A part-timer's plan to a six figure residual income:

Big announcement on our comp system!

Is two applications a week possible? Watch a former server/bartender & single mom sell - she will make $300,000 this year after 2 1/2 years with us from $36,000 at Applebees.:

If you haven't seen the full business overview click on this link:

Check out a short testimonial from one of our top agents

Overview of the sales system

The process from beginning to end (this was done before the coronavirus telesales process)

Explanation of our different lead programs

Example of a Telesale


Short Tour of Our CRM System 

Proprietary Referral System Highlights:

A Real In-Home Appointment (done in my office!)

New products to serve clients:

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