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Here is a typical full time day for a sales agent.  Megan wrote $6,108 in Annual Premium in less than 8 hours bringing her total for the week to $21,288 with Sunday left to go.  Follow her through her sales day as the videos are in sequence.  We edited out the banter with the audience in between appointments.  Also we edited down the time doing the electronic application process which is the bulk of the time in any sale.  The real take-aways should be appreciating her demeanor and attitude - very laid back and friendly; in servant mode.  She could never be mistaken for a high pressure, tactic laiden sales person.  While she has no advanced academic education, she learned advanced people skills at Applebees as a server/bartender for 13 years prior to doing this.  If she can learn to make $200,000/Yr in the life insurance business in less than two years, anyone can.  So if you're asking if two sales a day is possible, this shows how you can do ten in one day.


Mike her manager tells her story of how she got started not doing much to being a great producer today.  From Applebees server to a $200,000 income producer this year!

Megan gets set up ready to work.  She has a folder of her new leads to call.  She has her folder of people that are in that 64 1/2 to 65 range to sell hospital indemnity.  She has a folder of clients she sold insurance to recently that are the follow up call to sell them other insurance products.

This is a follow call with a client that she sold a Foresters PlanRight whole life policy that required a Point of Sale telephone interview that she was not able to get done the first time she talked to the client.  She gets the interview done, sold and it's immediately issued paid!

This is a follow up call on a recent client at that critical age bewteen 64 1/2 to 65 where they can get a hospital indemnity policy with no heatlh questions.

Mike her manager does some coaching on what Megan is doing while she takes a short break.

Mike does a recap of what Megan has accomplished so far this morning.

This is another 64 1/2 hospital indemnity call that she closed.

This is a new Facebook final expense lead that she had to reschedule for later.

These next two videos are great.  This is on a new Facebook lead where the "mama" wanted Megan to call her children because she knew they would be the owners of the policy.  This is the first part of the conversation with mama.  Megan handles this perfectly.

Here is Part 2 to the previous video where Megan talked to the mama.  This video covers how the call went with the daughter, who was originally only going to pay like $53/mo, but ended up with a bigger policy on mama for $153/mo, and Megan didn't really have to upsell them. They upsold themselves on the larger amount.  Megan didn't have to do much work here.  It got a little more complicated since the eletronic signatures had to go to multiple parties.  And Megan does the recruiting approach on the daughter and booked an interview for the next day!


Megan tells a story of her first "worst" appointment ever when she got started.  She took it in stride - she had worse when she was a bartender.  Not a big deal.

This is a follow up appointment with a client that she sold life insurance to.  Megan talks to her about a cancer policy which she sells to the client is such an easy going way.

This is a new mortgage protection lead where she gets shut down.  The client was not interested and hung up right away.  Even the great Megan Wood gets hung up on! Listen to how she handles it.

This is a great call to listen to her go through the process on a final expense lead, and then not close at the very end.  Mike her manager does some really good coaching on what happened and how maybe she could have turned it.  Even a $200,000 earner is willing to learn to be better.

Mike takes a call from an agent helping a client.  He covers some really good training stuff.

This is a good case where Megan follows up with a current client needing to cover a disabled grandchild.  The only carrier that will cover a child like this is as a child rider on the parent or grandparent's own whole life policy with Transamerica.  The benefit limit is $5,000.

Here is Megan getting shut down on a mortgage protection lead, using the "already got it covered" excuse, which is curious because we just got the lead yesterday.  We think that was just and excuse to get off the phone.

This is a good one on a new mortgage protection lead where Megan gets around the "my husband got it covered" excuse to book the appointment in the home with both of them.  Even though Megan does 95% of her sales over the phone, she will go into a client's home with a facemask and gloves.

This is a new final expense leads that Megan felt better about booking it in the home.  It's really funny to listen to how scared the client was about the COVID-19 situation, but had no issues with Megan coming over and making her coffee!

This client purchased a policy on himself from Megan recently.  This is a follow up call where Megan is offering to cover the "entire family" on a Mutual of Omaha accidental death policy for not much more premium.

Mike does another coaching session while Megan takes a break.

While Megan was taking a break, a client called in that Megan was trying to reach about adding a critical illness (cancer/heart attack/stroke) policy which she closed.

Mike does a short wrap up of Megan's Saturday doing telesales!  Less than eight hours, writing $6108 on 10 applicaitons, bringing her week totals to $21,288 with Sunday left to go.

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