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Learn to make dials and close sales using one of these scripts


Learn about the products and underwriting


Learn the quoting tools and the electronic app process

Follow Up

Learn to follow up on your business and your clients

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Product Guidance

Final Expense leads

  • Write CFG Choice Whole Life​

Mortgage Protection leads

  • Write CFG SafeShield
  • If they are a senior client that has a mortgage, then the price might be too expensive, then we write the CFG Choice Whole Life product using the mortgage payment protection strategy.  Click here to learn how to use that strategy.

New Marriage Leads

  • Depends on what they want
    • Final expense - CFG Whole LIfe​
    • Term - CFG SafeShield Term

If they are unable to physically qualify for any othe above products

  • Age 40 - 80:  Great Western Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
  • Age 81 - 85 in CA:  AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

If their only way to pay is the Social Security Xpress Debit Card

  • Great Western - either Assurance or Assurance Plus


  • Video on using this scripts - click here

    • Telesale Script - Word

    • Handlilng Objections - Word

    • Booking In-home appointment script - Word

    • The 2nd Appointment - PDF

  • Watch one of our agents in action over an 8 hour day - click here

  • Learn to dial on cheap Facebook leads: click here

  • Listen to this mp3 on the telesale call - click here

  • Greensheet mentioned in the script - click here

  • If you have to do a Zoom or Whereby.com internet presentation use this PowerPoint - PDF / PPT

    • Video how to go through this presentation - click here

    • About Me Template - PDF / Word

    • How to add pictures to the about me slides - click here


CFG Whole Life (Final Expense) - if you have a client in AK, ME, MS, MT - you would use the Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life instead. NY you would use Transamerica.

  • Product Info

    • Download the product guide: click here​

    • Download the Build Chart: click here

    • ​Download the Medication List:  click here

    • ​Download the Medical Questions (this will help you determine what to quote): click here

  • Quoting Tools

  • E-App

    • How to get your PIN to log in - click here

    • How to get into the E-App - click here

    • If you're doing your first E-App and don't have an agent number yet, use 511932

    • ​The telesale signature procedure (you must pracatice reading the script several times so you are clear and concise when you really have to do it):


Great Western Guaranteed Issue Whole Life (use for ages 40-80 and they cannot get covered with CFG Whole Life.  Not available in NY)

AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life (use If they cannot get covered with CFG Whole Life and ages 81-85 OR they are located in the following states:  AK, CT, DC, DE, HI, ME, NY, VT.  Not available in NY)

  • Download the product guide: click here​​

  • E-App Video: click here

  • If it is your first telesale app and you do not have an agent code, use this one:  004o0 (the 4th character is an "O" like Oscar.)

CFG Simplified Issue Term (Mortgage Protection)

Other Tools and Info - click here

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