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Leadrilla Lead Program


Leadrilla is a great lead program to start out with super cheap aged Facebook leads for 51 cents.  Here is a great video explaining the success of these leads:  click here

To sign up use this link:

To order the cheap Facebook leads makes sure to click on the menu item "Marketplace".  You can opt out of setting up a lead feed and click on that Marketplace link right away.  Here is a video on how to do this:  click here

No look, these are cheap so don't expect these to be primo "A" leads.  You will find all kinds of people on these.  Homeless, broke, sick etc.  And you will find legit people looking for insurance.  You just have to sift through, cherry picking the good ones.  You either have time or money.  If you got the money, then buy the fresh A leads and encounter less of the riff-raff (you will still get some) and make your time more efficient.  But if you got the time and no money, then this might be the way to get started.  It is a learning experience and this will also give a chance to appreciate the more expensive fresh A leads.

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