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Lead Programs

We have partnered with a variety of lead programs in order to help you get in front of buying clients.  All have various cost structures involved.  The key is return on your investment on leads.  There are two important components to this:  skill and dialing time.  You need to develop the skill and you need to put in the dialing time to convert those leads into appointments.

You will hear this time and time again:  all the leads work but there are no "ultimate lead programs".  Also we have found that some lead types you will find are more suited to you than others.  The only way to know that is to try a lead program out over a "period of time".  You can never judge a lead by the first batch you run.  Further complicating matters is that lead productivity can ebb and flow over time, even if what you're doing to dial them stays steady.  

In the lead business nothing lasts forever.  That perfect lead program will eventually not perform the way it used to.  A lot of that has to do with increased competition in that lead space or rising costs associated with developing those leads.  Decreasing lead response rates also factor in a huge way.

The only sustainable lead program are referrals.  I know you don't like to hear that but the most successful insurance agents in the history of insurance are the ones that master the referral business.  Some are able to do it through a unique niche in the market where referrals are "bake in" to the process of that selling strategy.  Others have created a unique approach that lends itself to easy referral getting.  While others have honed their skills at selling their clients on giving them referrals and are relentless at pursuing referrals at every opportunity.  That's reality follks.

So the following are the different lead programs that we have assembled for you but you cannot ignore learning how to get referrals using our Emergency Response System (ERS).  You must implement this program or you will forever be investing in and chasing leads until you can't do it anymore.

This is a short video overview of our lead programs.  The latest info is in the section below.  Not all our leads are depicted in this video.

Direct Mail Leads

Direct Mail Leads

This is the grandaddy of all lead programs in the insurance industry.  This is how we started out selling with mortgage protection in 1999.  Over the years the mail costs have increased and the return rates of decreased.  Also clients are returning multiple mailers they are receiving back to that respective agency or IMO so the competition has gone up exponentially for being the "first one in the door".  The costs are high for these as a result.  If you are the first one in the door and are able to sell the client on NOT taking anymore appointments with other agents, then this can be a great lead.  Highly skilled agents that dial these leads immediately have a chance to get a good return on investment on these.  These are ordered through the Alliance via Ginny (937-554-2693,

Here is Ginny's video explaining this program:

The "A" leads, fresh leads, run around $40 for final expense and $70 for mortgage protection.  We also have the older leads that are progressively less cost.  The older leads do have life in them, you just have to be willing to dial a lot and have a thick skin, but these are viable leads.  See Alliance Instant Purchase Lead Inventory (which include A leads that have not been sold).

Alliance Instant Purchase Lead inventory

Primarily Direct Mail Life/Mortgage Protection and Direct Mail Final Expense leads.  Login to your ARC account and click “Oasys/Leads” under the MY BUSINESS tab.  Browse the “Instant Purchase” inventory and submit a Wishlist.  Ginny will place your order.  Your lead order will be fulfilled within 10-15 minutes after Ginny places your order.  Payment is by credit card.

Hot Transfer Leads - $46 each - min order of 5 per day. You can just do one day a week or all five days in a week These are US call center developed leads. 120 second buffer to determine if it's a good client or not before you get charged for the lead. You can do final expense with these or other programs. The client goes through a vetting process to ensure they are serious and want to talk to an agent.  Order using this link:


Call Back Leads
$17 each for statewide/$19 each for county - no minimum orders. These are leads generated via Facebook, Google Search, Instagram etc. Then they are called and verified for date of birth, checking account, favorite color etc. and that they are looking for life insurance, or mortgage protection or final expense or turning 65 for medicare. You determine which you want. They will have the client determine when you can call them so it's like a soft preset appointment process.  Order using this link:


Direct Mail Lead Mailers
.66 cents per mailer, min order of 1,000. The mailer looks handwritten with a real stamp on it so it has a high open rate. The final expense mailers are getting a 1.4% to 2% return rate and the mortage protection is getting a 1.2% to 1.5% return rate. They can do other customized mailers and can dig into the right data demographic for your custom mailer program.  Order using this link:

Integrity Marketing Internet Leads
Leads are $4, $9, or $11.  These are internet seach leads that you need to hit the phones hard.  You will get the people that really didn't want insurance but only filled out the information to get to a discount card through Walmart or something like that.  But there are viable prospects in them.  You can order these through Ginny and the Oasys system similar to the direct mail leads.

Telemarketed Final Expense leads (TLP's)
These leads are produced by a Pakistani telemarketing vendor.  They are inexpensive and can be ordered statewide (for telesales) or locally (for in-home appointments).  Sometimes the telemarketer is a little agressive in talking the client into taking a call from an agent so you will get those people that really didn't want insurance or take a call.  So you will need to dial these right away and filter through those people to find the gold in them there hills.  These leads are produced after you place the order using this link: 

Leads are $8.50-$11.  Payment is by credit card when you place the order.  Lead orders are fulfilled in about 2-7 days, depending on the type of leads you request.  For more information:
Good source of starter leads if you are on a tight budget.  Cheap, aged Facebook and internet search leads.  Sign up use this link:
Google ad leads for both Life and FEX.  $8/each using this link: 

Facebook Leads
Final expense leads farmed on Facebook.  To order: 

Social Media Leads
There are several lead types to choose from on this webpage.  Fairly reasonable in cost.  Remember these are social media leads so you will need some patience as you try dialing through these.  To order: 

Estate Planning Leads
These are social media leads for estate planning.  If you are an estate planning agent signed up with our partner estate planning software platform, then this is a way to get started selling estate planning leading to life insurance sales.  Min order is 20 @ $20 each.  To order: 

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