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Financial Security Through Life Insurance


The ABN Financial Group markets life/disability insurance, annuity products, medicare supplement/advantage, and debt elimination to the middle market American client. This particular market is under-insured and under-served. This combination makes for the highest business expansion potential for life insurance and annuity companies. This middle market client has needs for life insurance, annuity and disability products focused on protecting their financial security: their income, their home and their future for their children.


Because we have developed a lead generation system focused on this client, these folks tend to look at life and disability insurance as their way to protect the "American Dream" of owning a home and giving their children a better life than they had - like a college education. They are also concerned about safety of their hard-earned savings for retirement (and not the risk funds they use to invest in the market). 

Financial Security Through Annuities


The perfect annuity for the baby boomer is the annuity designed and personalized to meet the client's specific financial goals and objectives.  Whether their needs are based upon an income annuity, a tax deferred annuity, or an annuity to maximize their rate of return, there is an annuity that we have that will meet their needs. 


There are benefits available that are unique to annuities.  You can generate income using immediate annuities or income annuities; funds grow 100% tax deferred, and you can use fixed indexed annuities to maximize your return. The three most recognizable features of an annuity are: safety, security and the funds are fully guaranteed.


Annuities, such as fixed indexed annuities, are the only financial product which have truly withstood the test of time. You may be surprised to find that annuities have been in existence for over two thousand years.  Annuities have been used as a "flight to safety" during the European Market Crash in the mid 1800's, the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Black Monday Crash in 1987, and the Financial Meltdown of 2008. In the last eighteen months, over $250 Billion transferred from stock market investments to annuities in a flight to safety. Annuities offer a guaranteed minimum rate of return, have reserve requirements for each annuity contract issued, and are backed by the assets of the issuing insurance company. 

Our Services

This is just a short list of products and services designed to solve our clients' financial security needs.  Click on the underlined link for more info on that particular product.


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