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Useful Technology Tools

There are some really cool apps that can make your life easier in the telesales game:

  • Internet selling platforms

    • is the popular webinar sharing platform that is free for one on one meetings.  You will have already downloaded this on your desktop if you have plugged into our zoom webinars for abn financial.  The only issue is that your client has to download this on their computer and sometimes you client may not want to deal with that (like a senior).​  It's free when you only meet with one person at a time.

    • is a great desktop video sharing system which is easy on the client.  They only have to go to the site and type in the room that you are in.  And it's free!

  • is one of the best "second" phone numbers that you can use in case a client has memorized your number and won't pick up.  You can call from your second number and get them to pick up.  As low as $1.99/mo.

  • is a great scheduler that you can use when you have to book your client into a second or third meeting.  It will automatically remind your client about the meeting you set up.  They have a free version that is still useful.

  • is a great autodialer to use for your clients or leads to help you increase your contact rate.  With the time you will save, you will more than pay for it many times over - it's worth it.  Runs $149/mo, but with the extra time you will save, you will more than make your money back.  Plus you'll save a ton of boredom time too!

Creating Your Digital Business Card

Many of our agents are creating credibility with the client through texting them this simple digital business card.  The key is the picture of you with your family.  Here is the video and the template on this:

  • How to create your digital business card : click here

  • Here is the PowerPoint template:  click here

  • If you don't have PowerPoint, you can use another program,  The key is the cool transparent circle that goes around your QR code developed from  Here is the image file:  click here

Field Underwriting Tools

  • Video (9:24 min) - click here

  • Video - click here

  • Conf Call by Gina Hawks on underwriting tools - click here

  • Mortgage Payment Protection Strategy

  • How to bookmark the quoting tools and underwriting guides on your smartphone

Getting Referrals Through The Emergency Response System and the HMA Card

This process will be the key to you being mega profitable on our lead program.  In telesales there is a lot of rejection.  To get better connect numbers and closing rates you will need to incorporate dialing warm referrals from the ERS program into your call schedule.  Here is the training on it.  Remember that we have taught this in the "in-home" appointment system.  Just simpy adapt it to the over the phone process.

  • Here is a short video on how to do the ERS program: click here

    • Here is the training package that includes all the electronic for links to use with your client - click here​

  • Here is a short video on how to do the HMA slides: click here

Cloud Based Resource Folder

Here is the link to the agent resources folder - which has all product guides and material and sales aids.  A lot of stuff you will need.  Bookmark it:

If You Have A Paper App To Submit

  • For any paper apps, you must scan and email them to if you are in the Abuyuan base shop agency.

Following up on your submitted business

  • After you submit your e-app, wait a day and then call the carrier to make sure that your application is in underwriting.  If they don't have it yet, then check back in the e-app under the view my cases button and see if you really did submit it.  Then check the next day.  E-apps are usually there immediately.  If the carrier does not have the e-app, then that client may not have e-signed it (if they had to do the email signature process) or you did not actually hit the submit button when you were sitting with the client.

  • Once you know that the app was received then you must manage your pending business with each carrier.  Here is a good video on this concept of managing your pending business - click here

  • Here are the phone numbers for each carrier - click here

How Commissions and Renewals Work


When you write an application the annual premium is what you get promoted on (how promotions work click here).  What you get commissioned on is based on the "Commissionable Premium" which is based on the ARC 100 percentage by product.

Here is a video that explains it in detail - click here

Here is an example:

1)  You write an annual premium policy for $1,000 ($83.33/Mo) for a Foresters Strong Foundation Term product.

2)  The ARC 100 percentage for this product is 83.33% so you multiply the $1000 AP by 83.33% which is $833.33 commissionable premium

3)  Then you take your commission rate which for this example is NAA055 or 55% and multiply your commissionable premium of $833.33 which equals $458.32.

4)  You are advanced 75% of this commission so 75% of $458.32 equals $343.74 which is what will be deposited in your account on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday the next week or two.  (If you don't see it in your ARC commission page, please email with the policy number and carrier.)

5)  The remaining $114.58 of your commission is paid "as earned" in months 10, 11 and 12 when the client pays their premium in these months.

You can download the ARC commission schedules by company by product in this dropbox folder (which is in the agent resources folder): click here

Final note:  If the client requests their first draft date in the future, you will not get paid until that draft happens.  To avoid this, ask the client to get the first month draft done to put it in force as soon as it is issued, and then if they want to change the draft date to a specific time of the month, they can ask the carrier to do this.


You earn renewals vested day one on all renewal products.  These are typically whole life, universal life, indexed universal life, guaranteed issue whole life and fully underwritten term.  Products that you don't earn renewals on are simplified issue term and AIG's guaranteed issue whole life.  Check this video out for more details  - click here

Final thoughts for you

Reminder:  this is a 100% commission/1099 independent agent position.  You do NOT work "for me", you work for yourself as a sole proprietor (and some may have formed a business entity such as an LLC or S or C Corp).  I am your coach and I make recommendations based on my experience and my history of seeing what other agents do.  You choose whether to follow my recommendations or not.  The responsibility of your success of failure in this endeavor rests solely with you.  If you can take responsibility for that, then you can do quite well in anything you put your mind to.  While I do wish this will work for you, this may not be for you as nothing is everything to everybody.  I will do my best to help you in any way though and we can work together through any challenge as long as you attack it with a postive mental attitude.

Having said that I do not recommend quitting your job for this until you know that you have developed the work ethic and the minimal skill level to see consistent work on your part to achieve consistent income.  I also do not recommend making any financial decisions based on a particular commission deposit coming in because that deal may go south and you're left making a bad decision that you have to dig yourself out of.  Therefore I can take no responsibility for your bad decisions.  That is why I always recommend bouncing stuff off of me and maybe I can give you the benefit of my experience in this business and what other agents have done in similar circumstances.  Again ultimately the consequences of your decisions rests solely on you. I am here to help so please communicate with me early and often.  Alex Abuyuan

If you are ready for leads . . .

If you think you are ready to rock with dialing leads go to this webpage to get started:  click here

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