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Health Visa Debit Card



1 | How does the award of the account crediting work and how are the funds protected?

This debit card account product was designed for implementation by one of the most renowned life and health services actuarial firms in the world today. The Health Visa Card account utilizes in-depth pooling and claims frequency analysis to determine the rate of growth on contributions that can be awarded monthly into member account balances. The Health Visa Card claims exposure is capped at each participant’s account balance, and these balances can be used to pay for qualified, 213 (d) and approved, elective medical expenses up to the Health Visa Card account balance at the time of the claim. This account can be used to pay for medical expenses and contain no cash value. These services also maintains millions of dollars of its own reserves to back their programs. In addition, the Health Visa Card is issued and FDIC insured by Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa® USA Inc.

2 | What is the legal overview of the Health Visa Card?

The Health Visa Card is a medical benefit savings account governed by the requisites of IRS Publication 969 and 502, as they relate to medical care for reimbursement of medical expenses under IRS Code Section 213(d). The Health Visa Card is considered a non-qualified, health matching account program. The reimbursements or payments made to an individual are tax-free given the fact that they were paid with after-tax dollars. The account balances are permitted to carry over year-to-year even if the benefits are not used.

3 | Does the Health Visa Card program require participants to purchase a high deductible health insurance plan?

No. Unlike a traditional Health Savings Account (HSA), the Health Visa Card is not required to be complemented by a high deductible health plan (HDHP). In fact, the benefits that build in an individual and family’s Health Visa Card account balance can provide the vehicle to help allow individuals and families the ability to ease their way into high deductible health plans in order to lower their fixed, monthly premium costs. This is due to the fact that the Health Visa Card account will be covering a larger portion of the owner’s out-of-pocket, medical expenses. Although the individual or family may choose to have a HDHP, it is not required.

4 | What happens when the Health Visa Card account balance reaches its target account balance cap?

Once the Health Visa Card individual or family plan account balance reaches its predetermined, account balance cap, the participant is no longer required to make their full, monthly Health Visa Card contributions and only maintenance fees are required until a claim is filed that uses the Health Visa Card account as payment. The owner will once again make a Health Visa Card account balance contribution the subsequent month following any usage of the Health Visa Card to pay for medical expenses.

5 | What if Health Visa Card owners want to change their contribution amount or paid-up target account balance?

Health Visa Card contribution levels are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate anyone seeking to build their own medical savings account and significantly reduce their health care expense obligations by pre-funding their out-of-pocket, health care costs through the Health Visa Card account. Health Visa Card offers a variety of different levels of contribution programs with corresponding target account balance caps ranging from $2,500 all the way up to $60,000 per participant or family. The Health Visa Card program provides  participants with the ability to adjust both their monthly contribution amounts and target caps in order to be able to scale up or scale down their Health Visa Card benefits as they see fit.

If the participant wishes to decrease or increase their monthly contribution level and its corresponding, target account balance cap, they will be permitted to do so one time per month.

6 | If the Employer is helping to sponsor an employee’s Health Visa Card account, is the it portable with the employee?

Yes. The Health Visa Card would be portable in this situation as well as if the individual employee was sponsoring it on their own.

7 | How do I access my benefits to pay for medical expenses?

Each account owner, whether it be a family or individual, will always be provided with their own personalized Health Visa Card, which can be used and swiped at the point of service to pay for qualifying medical expenses. For any elective procedures such as plastic surgery and lasik among others, as well as home health and long term care expenses, these expenses will be covered on a mail-in reimbursement basis when an original, itemized receipt is submitted within 30 days of the procedure.*

8 | What medical expenses can be covered with my Health Visa Card?

The Health Visa Card covers 213 (d) medical expenses by swiping your card at the point-of-sale. These expenses include pharmacy and drug store purchases as well as doctor and hospital visits, dental, vision and chiropractic among others.

In addition, your Health Visa Card account can also be used to pay for elective procedures such as plastic surgery, lasik and fertility as well as long term care and home health expenses among others. These medical expenses can be covered on a mail-in reimbursement basis by mailing in proof of the procedure (typically an original, itemized receipt) and the amount of the claim within 30 days of the procedure date in order to qualify for a reimbursement.*

9 | What other benefits come included with the Health Visa Card?

By becoming an account holder, individuals and families are also eligible to receive unlimited, monthly telemedicine access with no copays that will come included in your monthly, Health Visa Card contribution through various Health Visa Card preferred, telemedicine partners. The telemedicine industry is rapidly growing because it is a safe and efficient way for patients to forgo both lengthy wait times and expensive office visits to address the vast majority of medical conditions. Telemedicine works extremely well for conditions that are non-life threatening and can be easily treated by a doctor, who will be able to prescribe treatment either over the phone or face-to-face on the Internet within 30 minutes. The Health Visa Card account is a valuable tool that creates savings on medical expenses in a variety of ways for our customers.

*As of 9/1/19, Home Health and Long Term Care covered benefits include most 213 (d) medical expenses including surgical outpatient rehabilitation at a medical facility as well as medical doctor home visitations but do NOT include any monthly or recurring facility fees such as rent, long term care premiums, home health agency fees or caregiver or nursing fees.


The Health Visa Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from the Visa® U.S.A Inc. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Card may not be used everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. See Cardholder Agreement for list of eligible goods, services and merchants.

How much do you spend on out-of-pocket health expenses such as:
  • Co-pays and deductibles,

  • ambulance services,

  • lab services,

  • doctors not classified on your health insurance,

  • dentists,

  • orthodontists,

  • osteopaths,

  • chiropractors,

  • optometrists,

  • ophthalmologists,

  • opticians,

  • optical goods,

  • eyeglasses,

  • podiatrists,

  • nursing and personal care facilities,

  • hospitals,

  • home health care,

  • long term care,

  • fertility procedures,

  • Lasik surgery,

  • elective surgery (cosmetic) not covered by health insurance

  • drug stores and pharmacies,

  • hearing aids and supplies,

  • orthopedic goods/prosthetics,

  • counseling services – debt/marriage/personal and more . . .



The Health prepaid VISA debit card will award you $2 of medical benefits for every $1 contributed.  You pick the program that fits your needs: