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FB Lead Program


Thanks for being part of the facebook lead program.  This has been refined over the last year and has gotten some extremely crazy results.  So Andy has let our team use it.

Here is a copy of what you will see:  click here

They collect 10 data points per lead. This causes leads to have to enter in their own data which raises the quality of the leads. They also ask a security question, such as favorite hobby, so you can help them recall filling out the form when you contact your leads!

How the Facebook leads work:

Here is a great video on facebook lead success stories:

Cost is $15.00 per lead and the order quantities of 20, 30, 40 or 50 and you can pick the state you want to work in.  If you want targeted FB leads withing 50 miles of your location, then the cost is $20 per lead.

Just follow the directions on the order form based on which type of FB leads you want, the telesales or the targeted.

After you order please notify us your order quantity and location: and


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