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Estate Planning Training Videos

Make sure you put in your calendar our weekly zoom training call with Jeff Mohlman every Tuesday at 11 am EDT

Latest Training Video
Overview of the Process
Why Estate Planning?

Differentiate Conference 2021 on Estate Planning and Tax Strategy Pro/Tax Credits

Marketing ideas

Tons of marketing opportunities

Current Clients

Funeral Homes


Marketing Role Playing - Credit Unions

Funding The Trust
Staying Legal
Objection Handling

"I already have a will"

How we compare to other estate programs

Insurance Opportunities

Retirement Planning with IUL's

Family Legacy Planning

The First Meeting
The Second Meeting
Part 1 - Notarizing the Estate Plan
Part 2 - Getting Referrals
Part 3 - Funding the Trust
Part 4 - FInding the Insurance Sales Opportunities
Part 5 - Uploading The Docs Into Their Vault
Final Wrap Up Q&A
Booking Current Clients and Warm Market
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