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Get Out The Gate Fast
Follow these steps

First things first.  I need to know your goals and what you need to accomplish with this business.  Please fill out this goals form ASAP:

Next please sign up for our special email blast list for estate planning stuff only:

Make sure you put in your calendar our weekly zoom training call with Jeff Mohlman every Tuesday at 11 am EDT

Now you need to act like a client to understand what it is we are doing with this estate planning software

If you want to notarize your client's estate plan (you are in control - recommended) get started with your notary training and pass the test ($130):

Here is a good overview of the estate planning process

The Estate Planning Process
The Estate Planning Process Overview
Who To Contract With For Estate Planning

Training Documents

Trust Procedures Step by Step: click here

Entering a Trust:  click here

The first email and attachments to the client to prep them for the initial intake meeting

Marketing Materials - Fillable PDF's

The Step by Step How To
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Learn the Columbus Life IUL Product
Columbus Life Materials

Indexed Explorer Plus Product Guide - click here

Expedition Survivor Product Guide - click here

Underwriting Guide - click here

Contact Info - click here

You should purchase an estate planning related domain name that you can use to forward to your EP Documents website that you would get after you sign up for the software license.  It's cheap and it will help make sure your clients go through you should they hit the internet.  I like to use

Once you get your domain name, you can order your discount cards (used in the estate planning notary meeting) for the witness referrals.  Follow these procedures to order:

  • Email Ken Franzen and tell him in the email that you want to order your discount cards for EP Documents and the quantity.  Give him the following info for the card:
    - address
    - phone
    - domain address (which is why you should get your own forwarding domain)
    Pricing is as follows:  250 - $174.75, 500 - $181.33, 1000 - $213.52.  These take the longest time to come in - like three weeks.

Next you will want to order your rack cards for partnering with funeral homes and other businesses.

Make sure you put in your calendar our weekly zoom training call with Jeff Mohlman every Tuesday at 11 am EDT

Get the software license.  You can wait to do this until you are done with your notary commission and have gone through the training.  You have the choice of paying the annual amount of $495 or you can choose the monthly option for $49.50/mo

Final Things to Do

When you are ready to run leads make sure you do this:

1) Put yourself on Alex Abuyuan's calendar to put a schedule and game plan together:  click here

2) If you want to start getting $20 estate plan leads go to this website: click here

3) To learn other marketing ideas go to the additional estate planning training resources (please bookmark this page):  click here

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