Emergency Response

System (ERS)

This is the training on the ERS program based on the in-home sale.  Learn it this way and then you can adapt this to the telesale in the next section below.

Training on ERS - Download the ERS sales package - click here

1)  Lee Reyes Video training - click here

  • Texting ERS contacts from the agent's phone - click here

  • Putting your ERS folder together - click here

2)  Jason Carey on how to run an ERS Appointment - click here

3)  Short version on doing the ERS in the home - click here

ERS Sheet

Adapting to the Telesale process

So when you are finishing up with the client on the phone just go into the slide explaining the ERS concept to them but instead of writing down the names on a form, you can use the online forms on this webpage according to the carrier.  The form allows you to upload a picture of you.  I would upload a copy of your credential image for your client to text their list.  Or you can text the list with the standard blurb like it's coming from the client while including the client on the text like a group text.  Here is the webpage for the forms:  http://abnfinancial.com/ersforms

  • Here is a live appointment of me doing the ERS process with client:  click here

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