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Emergency Response

System (ERS)

Doing the ERS Program for telesales

So while you are filling out the e-app with the client, after you fill in the beneficiary information, then tell them:

"Okay, (client name), next we need fill out names for your emergency contact list so that when you die, one of the people on your list will notify us so that we can get the death claim started.  (Carrier name) wants to make sure your beneficiary gets the benefit because there are over $7 Billion of unclaimed life insurance benefits right now.  So I need 10 to 20 names and contacts that would know about your death so we can give them my contact info and the carrier's contact info and I can explain to them how this works.  So tell me who would be the first person on your contact list . . ."

Watch this video on how we do this:

Here is the ERS form to fill out:

Here is a live appointment of me doing the ERS process with client:  click here

Doing the ERS Program during an in-home appointement

Training on ERS - Download the ERS sales package - click here

1)  Lee Reyes Video training - click here

  • Texting ERS contacts from the agent's phone - click here

  • Putting your ERS folder together - click here

2)  Jason Carey on how to run an ERS Appointment - click here

3)  Short version on doing the ERS in the home - click here

ERS Sheet

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