Building Concepts


This page is full of advanced building concepts that you need to learn to win this thing.  These videos were cut under the previous compensation program but regardless they still apply.  While we did away with specific structure requirements to build legs, the volume requirements are still there per leg so regardless, building depth and tap roots are all relevant to building volume in a leg.  I also allude to doing recruiting "ride alongs" with cold market recruits - while this is still a valid concept to keep a leg going, it is more important to build legs with warm market recruiting because the trust level and friendships are already there which speeds up the growth of the leg versus a leg built purely on cold market recruiting.  But regardless, everyone needs to learn cold market recruiting eventually when their list runs out so to keep a group growing it is important to duplicate the cold market recruiting skills in depth as well.

The Language of our Tap Root System

This short conference call discusses the proper language of this tap root system - click here

Learn from the Legends

Andy Albright and I cut our teeth on network building from some of the legends in the Amway business.  The principles still apply today even in our insurance business.  You need to learn these lessons too:

  • LPW 100 - Depth, Larry Winters - click here

  • LPW 13 - Depth, Winters, Huffstetter, Snipes - click here

  • V222 - Fundamentals of Depth, Winters - click here

  • LPW33 - Depth versus Tap Root, Winters - click here

  • LPW17 - The Big Commitment, Winters - click here

  • LPW8 - Has Your Way Worked, Winters - click here

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