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We Serve Our Clients

We Develop Our People

We Care Because You Matter to Us

We Believe in Proper Alignment:

God - Family - Business

Learn About How We Work Smarter To Develop Time Money and Freedom

In these brief videos, we will discuss why life insurance agents from all over the country are having unparalleled success, whether they are newbies or industry veterans.

Check out these short videos to . . .

  • See what we do, how we do it & how we get paid

  • Learn about our Revolutionary Lead Programs

  • Break down the numbers how anyone can issue $20,000 a month

The 5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Place For You:

  1. LEARN HOW TO TRANSITION TO LARGE CASE SOLUTIONS FOR CLIENTS:  Anyone can write a $75/mo final expense policy but we teach you how to write the $50,000 - $100,000 AP IUL's on the quality clients.  We have a career path for you.

  2. TOP TRAINING:  We only teach you from people who have done it and are currently doing it.  One of our mentors issued paid over $400,000 in target premium last month. (and wrote $1.8MM in target during COVID last year from March to Dec 2020.

  3. FRESH LEADS:  While we have all the lead vendors everyone else has, we also teach you how to wean yourself off of leads and work purely in a referral environment without having to pull teeth.

  4. NO FEES:  No cost for training. No costs for the back office CRM.

  5. VESTED RENEWALS:  Fully vested renewals from day one.

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