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Business Owners: Services

Employee Benefits

Low Cost To You

We can get you employee benefit programs that allow you to be competitive in the employee hiring and retention arena while minimizing the impact to your bottom line.  Here are some of the products we provide that can help your employees.​​  Click on the underlined link to find out more.

Let us know how we can help and we can put a program together that will keep your employees happy while conserving your capital.

Premium Financing

Retire While Conserving Capital

How would you like a bank to finance your tax-free lifetime retirement income?​  If you borrow money to finance your house; you borrow money to finance your car; you borrow money to finance your business, why not use other people's money to finance your tax-free lifetime retirement income.  We can show you how to leverage specialized financial instruments that have partnered with banks to provide you this opportunity that used to be reserved for the extremely wealthy.  Why didn't your financial planner talk to you about these vehicles?  Here's why:

  • They make more commissions by "managing" your money for a yearly fee - like 4% of your assets.

  • They don't know about it or understand it.

  • They're not partnered with the experts that specialize in these instruments.

Contact us and we can show you how.

Tax Strategies

Get Back What You Overpaid the IRS

How do you know how much you overpaid the IRS last year, the year before that and the year before that?  I know, your CPA's job is supposed to reduce your tax burden.  But what they do is ensure you are compliant wth the IRS.  CPA's do not typically deal with tax strategy advice.

If they did that how could our tax strategy partners identify over $100MM in tax credit recovered for our clients?

So how much have you overpaid the IRS?  We can help you find out.

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