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Business Cards

To order your business cards we recommend using your local FedEx/Kinko's or Office Depot  to order starter cards for cheap that they can do it while you wait.  Here are two options for you to consider for business cards:

  1. You can also order them from the Alliance but it takes weeks and weeks to get your order.  Click here to check it out. 

  2. Or you can get them quick from  Here is a short video on how I did this through VistaPrint: click here

Please read:  If you brand yourself as a "financial" group or agency either on your business card or website, then you must get a business entity such as an LLC or S-Corp (the most popular business entities for insurance agents) and then get that entity licensed as an insurance agency in your state (pretty cheap, you are the employee of your own agency). Joseph Dukes, one of our top producers and agency managers, in transferring to Utah from Phoenix found this out and was fined $12,000 ($1,000 for every year he was "in business as an agency") since he was operating as an agency but not licensed as one. The evidence was based on his business card Grantland Financial and on his website.
The alternative to this is to delete any agency related info from your card and website. You can be an independent life insurance agent and state as such but any language in your website or business card that indicates you are operating as an agency can cause you to be caught and fined by your state department of insurance. Now it's not like there are insurance police searching websites looking to fine you, but should anything come up with them like a complaint from a client or complaint from a rogue agent and then you are subject to being outed. In my 21 years, I never knew this. Although I have always had my agency licensed as a business so I personally would be okay but only by accident. So please be forewarned.

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