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These are the steps to accomplish before you attend the boot camp session.  Whenever you see a direct URL link, that means that the link is probably a dynamic link where the document can be updated so you want to copy and save all those links for the future to always have acces to the latest version of that document


Make sure you are on the boot camp email list.  When you fill out the form, you will be sent a confirmation email verifying that you want to be part of this list.  It should arrive in less than a minute.  If you don't see it then check your spam - that's where you will find it. - click here.

Start Here


Sign up for the boot camp email blast list

  • Make sure you're getting all boot camp related emails - click here

Listen to agents booking appointments live

  • Schedule time in your calendar to attend the live dialing session on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 am eastern to 9 pm eastern (choose whenever you want to listen in), to listen in on zoom to the featured agent doing live booking dials.  Here is the zoom link to use (make sure you are muted and dressed appropriately if you activate your camera): passcode is 2527



1)  Make sure you can get login on the

2)  Bookmark this website on your smartphone:

3)  Product Guide Download:​

Main products to learn first.  Read through them.

  • CFG Choice Whole Life Product Guide - click here

  • CFG SafeShield Term Product Guide - click here

  • CFG Telesale Procedure Guide

    • If insured is both owner and payor and no child rider in NC/PA - click here

    • If there is a seperate owner or payor and if there is a child rider in NC/PA - click here

  • Great Western Guaranteed Issue Whole Life - click here

  • If you are in ME, MS, ND, NY, OR. For these states use Foresters Strong Foundation intead of CFG SafeShield Term.

  • If you are in AK, CT, DC, DE, HI, ME, VT, WA. For these states use AIG instead of Great Western (NY does not have a guaranteed issue whole life product right now).



4)  Have your NAA Pin Number ready to use.  How to retrieve your Pin (video - click here):

  1. Go to

  2. Go to Carriers > Columbian Financial Group

  3. Click on "Visit Agent Site" link on the right side of the page

  4. The NAA Pin number box pops up

  5. Then click on the "Need or forgot your NAA pin?" link

  6. This directs you to the NAAContracting page where you click on the login button

  7. Then the page comes up to enter your NAA number, click on text your  pin and enter your phone number and the CAPTCHA code and click on "Next"

  8. If everything was entered correctly the page will say that they texted you your PIN

  9. Wait about a minute or two and it should show up on your phone.

  10. Write this pin somewhere, it will NEVER change

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