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Bond and Rapport

Videos on Pain Finding


The definitive guide to bond and rapport- click here

Bond and Rapport Basics - click here

Communication Secrets for Influence Part 1 - click here

Communication Secrets for Includence Part 2 - click here

Pick up a Check or Pick up a Phone - click here

Finding pain - click here

The finer points on pain finding - click here

Pain finding in the home - click here

Mp3's on Bond & Rapport

Classic Sandler Bond and Rapport

a. People buy emotionally - click here
b. What does rapport mean - click here
c. Elements of communication - click here
d. Taking a closer look - click here
e. Tonality - click here


This is an incredible book on creating bond and rapport with people using NLP techniques.  You need to get this book.
Order this book - click here

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