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We communicate quite a bit through our ABN Financial email blast list. You may want to create a folder in your inbox for our email blasts and create a rule on your email client that automatically puts email blasts from us into this folder. This will allow you to reference previous email blasts and help to separate our emails from your personal emails. Also make sure to "white-list" us on your spam filter so that our emails won't fall into your spam folder.

Okay so now it's time to rock and roll with the license training.  If you can get your online license training done in five days, you have a 95% chance of passing your state licensing exam the first time through.  If you get it done in seven days, your passing rate drops to 82% the first time.  So really put a priority on getting the studying done every day (or night).  The quicker the better because the state exam is multiple choice so your ability to recognize the correct answer will be much easier.

If you need anything please don't hesitate to call the office: 937-435-7540 or email

Rock on!
Alex Abuyuan

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