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Alliance Training Manual (ATM)

Learn the ATM Sales Submarine process (1hr 15 min)

  • Learning Objective:  Gain a deeper understanding on the what each compartment is trying to do using the ATM 7.0.

  • Watch the ATM Sales Submarine video: click here

Download the ATM PowerPoint for use during zoom/internet meetings or the in-home appointment - PPT  or  PDF

  • About Me Template - PDF / Word

  • How to add pictures to the about me slides - click here

Putting your ATM Sales Binder together on your own

  • How to assemble your ATM Flip Chart Binder video (4:35 min) -

  • How to revise the "About Me" Slide -

    • If you don't have PowerPoint download the About Me slide template pdf - click here​

    • How to add pictures to your about me slides -

    • Make sure you send your about me slide to your upline manager to check it out and make suggestions.

Or you can order Your In Home Sales Materials and we will do the work for you - click here - the three options are explained below:


  • The loaded ATM presentation easel binder with the color presentation slides included - price including free shipping:  $31.95 

  • Quickstart Sales Kit with Loaded ATM included.  This package included a fully loaded ATM presentation book plus the activity schedule calendar, Delivery notice pads (for no shows), Rx Discount Cards (for referrals) and Lanyard with a copy of your insurance license loaded in it - price including free shipping:  $43.95

  • New Agent Package with Loaded ATM included.  This package has everything in the Quickstart Sales Kit but includes all four of Andy Albright's books - price including free shipping:  $91.95