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Alliance Training Manual (ATM)

Learn the ATM Sales Submarine process

  • Learning Objective:  Gain a deeper understanding on the what each compartment is trying to do using the ATM 6.0.

  • The ATM Sales System

    • Watch the ATM Sales Submarine video: click here

    • Watch the second part putting the Submarine and the ATM together:  click here

  • A Real Face to Face Appointment (done in my office!)

Download the ATM PowerPoint for use during in-home meetings - PPT  or  PDF

Putting your ATM Sales Binder together on your own

Or you can order Your In Home Sales Materials and we will do the work for you - click here - the three options are explained below:


  • The loaded ATM presentation easel binder with the color presentation slides included - price including free shipping:  $31.95 

  • Quickstart Sales Kit with Loaded ATM included.  This package included a fully loaded ATM presentation book plus the activity schedule calendar, Delivery notice pads (for no shows), Rx Discount Cards (for referrals) and Lanyard with a copy of your insurance license loaded in it - price including free shipping:  $43.95

  • New Agent Package with Loaded ATM included.  This package has everything in the Quickstart Sales Kit but includes all four of Andy Albright's books - price including free shipping:  $91.95 

The Emergency Response Referral System

Purchase this book

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