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We are the tip of the spear of the paradigm change in how life insurance agents provide protection for families.

20 years ago it was mortgage protection insurance on lead cards.  Then final expense on lead letters.  Then the competition got fierce and with lead return rates going down and mail costs going up, direct mail lead costs have gotten more competitive and now you have spend $1000 to $1500 a week on leads and whomever calls the lead first wins.

Then what used to take 20 appointments a week to produce a good income now takes 40 appointments a week with a 50% show rate.

Then trying the cheaper internet search leads, Facebook final expense leads and telemarketed final expense leads by Pakistani telemarketers means you're pounding the phone to eke out a living trying to run through 60 to 70 of these to book 40 appointments a week - OMG!

Insane man!  And your IMO is trying to brainwash you into the grind so they can lure you in at a high contract so they can turn you into a 40 appointment a week slave.

And God help you if your charge back rate starts creeping up because you're selling to broke people.

Sound all too familiar?

Stop it!  We got the plan and the new paradigm.  No one is doing what we're doing.  The model is proven through COVID as a solid way to engage with clients on a higher, more professional level where you will write higher quality cases and larger premiums per case that will stick.

And the kicker is referrals will pour in for free because of what we are doing for the clients.  Click on the button below and book an appointment to find out about our proprietary system.

Stop the insanity and join us.  Work 1/3 of the time but continue to produce at a high level.  We got the plan! 

Business Team
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